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Responding to a Dance Invitation

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I got asked to homecoming. Here's how: he asked me if I would go by writing the question on plastic spoons and stuck them all over in my lawn, when I got them all I had to unscramble the letters. I have no idea how to answer him. Please help!

By Nickname Jane from West Jordan, UT


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By Diana [38]09/29/2010

Well, how did you answer him?

By Nan Corpe [6]09/13/2010

If you like him, tell him 'yes.'

By carol [1]09/13/2010

I would get a sachet of sugar ( like they do at McDonald's for your tea or coffee) and write yes on it or post it in a thank you card saying you are so sweet, I would love to go.

By Mary Lou [14]09/12/2010

Since he made you work for your question, I'd take a heavy weight paper plate of the disposable kind and write your answer in a colorful way (think markers or colored pencils and tattoo or graffiti style), cut it up into as many pieces as possible, all different shapes-like a puzzle. Put it all in a large plastic bag and hand it off the door knob of his house, locker at school whatever you think would work.

By Roxane [2]09/11/2010

What about sending him an ice cream sundae with you answer on it. That's what I though of when I read plastic spoons.
I think you should respond in a cute and creative way. He went through the trouble of trying to make it original, you should respond in kind, especially if you like him.

By Lilac [18]09/11/2010

The answer is yes. You don't have to be creative about it. Call him, write him or tell him in person. He sounds like a neat guy.

By MrsMom [2]09/10/2010

Buy a package of small paper plates and write your answer on one of the middle ones.

By Joan [13]09/09/2010

Just say "yes" if you want to go and "no" if you don't and get it over with. Don't worry about answering in a "cutesy" way.


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Archive: Responding to a Dance Invitation

Any ideas on how to answer a girl's invitation to a dance using a jungle theme?

By j

RE: Responding to a Dance Invitation

Dress up like a safari guide, take a pic of it and send it to her with your "yes" answer. (04/16/2010)

By Coll3

RE: Responding to a Dance Invitation

I love Coll3's suggestion ;-) If you want to go with her you could also use a picture print, postcard or greeting card that has jungle animals on it and just say "Yes, I would love to go with you on this safari!" (04/16/2010)

By Deeli

RE: Responding to a Dance Invitation

Record the Tarzan Jane yell (Carol Burnett) on her answering machine with your Yes! (04/16/2010)

By bkvander

RE: Responding to a Dance Invitation

This should work face-to-face, or on voice mail: "Me Tarzan. You Jane. Tarzan dance with Jane." (04/16/2010)

By JustPlainJo

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