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I am at wits end with my "last" Broderbund Print Shop Publishing software. I have kept with PS for the past 10 years, but always have it "poop" out on me after about 3-4 years. It just goes haywire and I have to upgrade.

I make a small amount of money with it, but it is mostly a hobby. Does anyone know of another publishing/card software that is comparable? I refuse to buy another Print Shop from these people.

By Linda from Ashdown, AR


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By Suntydt 75 877 12/31/2009 Flag

Just out of curiosity, have you tried uninstalling the Print shop you have and re-installing it? Or rather reinstall an older copy and then upgrade it to your newest? This is a trick that sometimes works.

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By Linda 45 302 12/31/2009 Flag

I have done the un- and re- installing, but not the "older" version thing. will try that. Have even done system restore back to a week. I HATE Broderbund! Always have this problem after a few years of use! THANKS!

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By Patricia Carney 3 11 01/06/2010 Flag

Websites for pinters-HP, Epson, Lexmark-have creativity sections which give templates for greeting cards, labels, signs, party-themed ideas, etc. There aren't as many options for modifying as you would find in Print Shop, the offerings but there are lots of seasonal and special event choices.
If you have Microsoft Office, their website has loads of templates for download to create greeting cards, etc. using Word.

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By Mary Nelson 5 50 01/06/2010 Flag

I like Microsoft Publisher. I use it for making cards, newsletters, labels, and more things. My sister makes signs for a living, and she uses it to lay out her sign designs.

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