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How do I clean my deep fryer?

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How do I clean a deep fryer?

Heather from Toronto, Ontario


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By HouseHusband (Guest Post)01/10/2009

Priscila: I've tried everything, and gave the paste of baking soda/water a go! Amazing! Thank you - took all of ten minutes for the whole thing!

By Jade (Guest Post)07/09/2008

I too want to know what to use to clean my deep fryer, and all of your answers are great, I especially like the one about boiling soapy water to loosen the caked on grease except the instructions that came with my fryer advise that the heating element may not be submerged in water but if it can be submerged in grease, is there really that big of a difference? Maybe it's like SweetCali said - any appliance is ok in water as long as it dries completely before using again? But I'm hesitant to take the chance.

By Cindy (Guest Post)06/22/2008

I have tried dishwashing detergent and it took forever. Ours is a small industrial deep fryer. So when you take the baskets out it leaves oil on the sides and with teenagers all over the case. Believe it or not my hubby is cleaning it right now. We could not find the cleaner and regular dish detergent would not work. He found out that Sunlight with oxy Dishwasher detergent would clean it fast and easy. Made me kinda mad because it would take me hours to take apart and clean, he is doing in a quarter of the time and it looks better than it ever did when I used dish detergent and vinagar.

By Priscilla (Guest Post)01/13/2008

I just cleaned mine using a paste of baking soda and water. I was amazed at how quickly the gunk came off! I have tried cleaning it several different ways over the past 2 years and nothing seemed to work. I prefer this method over trying Oven Cleaners and WD-40 since I don't know how they would react to foods.

By IMAQT1962 (Guest Post)10/27/2006


By Grandma Margie (Guest Post)10/26/2006

My goodness, Streatch! Did you have a brain cramp or momentarily lose your good manners? That came off as a little harsh.
Heather, you can put water into your deep fryer (drained of the oil) along with some dish detergent and let it heat up as if you were heating oil to fry something. Let it simmer for awhile to loosen any gunk. Dump out the water and scrub the inside. Use a plastic scrubber if it has a teflon or t- fal interior. If its just plain metal (stainless steel probably) you can scrub with soap filled steel wool pads. Then just rinse with clear water and dry and you're back in business!

By Laurie [43]10/25/2006

LOL... I take it Streatch doesn't like fried food!!
Well I use my fryer to mostly make coconut shrimp and chicken. Before I got my new fryer this past Christmas, I had to empty out the oil, tilt the fryer on it's side & over the sink using my sprayer hose, spray hot water and use dish washing liquid to clean it out. If you get water in the motor that's ok. Just let it air dry for at least a day before you plug it in. I had a coffee maker that fell in my dish water! My brother told me as long as 'any' appliance dries before you plug it in, it'll be ok and it was :)

By Doreen [1]10/25/2006

Throw it out Heather, what in gwad's name do you need a deep fryer for????
If you "need" to "fry" food, try a bit of oil in a frying hope you realize how unhealthy that type of food preparation is...
We Canuks have enough health problems without clogging up more arteries and hospital beds because of unhealthy food cooking choices.

By Cindy Kosloski [1]10/25/2006

have you tried hot water and Dawn dish washing soap?

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