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Ideas for 80th Birthday Party Games

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Any ideas for games to be played at an 80th birthday party?

By Laurie from OH


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By Colleen Stuchal [4]06/13/2010

Find out what games were played back when the birthday boy/girl was young. Incorporate them into the party.
Flashback, have people dress in clothing from that era, play games from the era, play music from the era, etc.

By Myrna [14]06/11/2010

Group games like Bingo...and if all those attending the party know each other well, you could offer a true statement about a person and have the others guess who that person might be. Then do it to each of the partiers until all have had something good, special or unique said about them.

Using dry beans for money and all get the same amount, hold an auction and sell off little items in brown bags(lotions, shampoo, ink pen, or gag gifts, etc.) The one who still has the most beans gets a prize at the end of the auction.

By Ellie [3]06/11/2010

These are two from our (long ago) teenage youth group Church socials. You may know of them already. One is pass the parcel. You wrap a treasure, a block of chocolate or some other small thing in a piece of paper, then keep on adding more and more layers of paper till the parcel is huge.. or as big as you want. Every one sits in a circle and the parcel is passed from one to the other, with each person taking off a layer of paper, until the tiny parcel with the treasure is revealed, the that lucky person gets the treasure.
The other one is called 'Poor Pussy' in this one person is selected as the cat. Again everyone sits in a circle, and the 'cat' choses a person to kneel down in front of and miaow. That person has to stroke the 'cat'on the head and say 'Poor Pussy' while the cat does every thing in it's power to make the person laugh. As soon as the person laughs, they are out of the game, and the cat chooses another victim.
They are very simple games, but it usually ends up with everyone laughing like crazy,
I agree.You don't want anything that will make your Mom feel age depressed.

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