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Petroleum Jelly For Soft Feet

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Having wonderfully soft feet is easy. Simply coat both feet at night with a generous amount of petroleum jelly and slip on a pair of white cotton socks! In the morning, your feet will feel brand new!



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By Willem (Guest Post)03/27/2007

I use Dischem Vitamin E 7000 cream, which is recommended for damaged skin. It really works, but I have to use it daily. This is the Republic of South Africa, so I suggest you ask your pharmacist for a similar product in your country.
Good luck!

By Chris (Guest Post)03/27/2007

I have done this and it works great.

By (Guest Post)03/27/2007

You know I do this, but it does not is not a cure...which is what I am searching for...if you don't do it all the time...the effects wear off in a day...if anyone comes up with an effective long lasting cure...please post it!!!!!!

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