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How do you keep mice out of your car when it sits for a while? We have a camp truck that sits for period of time. Mice seem to get into the car. Is there a way to keep them out?
- cory


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By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post) 07/26/2004

Try placing mothballs throughout the truck. We place mothballs around our home's foundation to keep out mice and snakes because we have alot of open fields. It seems to work.

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By Sherrie from North Carolina (Guest Post) (Guest Post) 08/02/2004

Most mice get into vehicles from under the hood. You might try placing small screens in any open vent area, make a insertion similar to a drain catch screen. This always helped me.

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By Bill (Guest Post) 02/18/2005

I have a camper that spends the winter in the yard, and we have lots of mice in the woods around our house. I use peppermint oil, as they really seem to hate the smell. Put a few drops on cotton balls in a paper bag an put it in the truck. It works for me...

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By Melissa Henderson (Guest Post) 10/02/2005

Where do you find peppermint oil? I heard this same advise on t.v. but can only find perppermint extract at the local stores. Is extract as good or is it just wasting money? Moth balls haven't seemed to have helped much, I have some pretty determined mice wanting to nest in my "day to day" vehicle!

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By jeanne (Guest Post) 06/23/2006

Moth balls and Downey sheets don't work for my car, where do I get peppermint oil???

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By kae (Guest Post) 09/25/2007

Iv'e use peppermint oil for many years in our camp, cars and home it works great and doesn't leave a terrible smell that mothballs do. It can be purchased at any health food store. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and place around areas where mice signs are visible; but you do have to refreshen the cotton ball every so often. Another idea is yo put the soaked cotton balls in a small container with holes poked on the lid.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 10/20/2008

(sent in by email)
Heard that peppermint oil for keeping mice out of vehicles, but will peppermint extract work?


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By dick 1 1 09/21/2010

Thanks for your ideas. Have a nice day.

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Tip: Keep Mice From RV

To keep mice away from your RV, spread Bounce laundry sheets around the inside of your RV. I've done it for years and it works great.

By Jim B. from Salina, KS

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