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Snakes Under Our Deck


I just found out that we have lots of snakes under our deck, I am afraid of snakes, please give me an idea of how to get rid of them for good.


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By Angela (Guest Post) 06/18/2006 Flag

My husband said that mothballs is the answer. If you just put some mothballs under your deck that would get rid of them. I hope it works. I am afraid of snakes also.

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By Jill 4 738 06/19/2006 Flag

I also have been told sulfur will repel them (and I think I would rather smell sulfur than mothballs; think it is a little more environmentally friendly, too?)

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By Judy TwoDogs (Guest Post) 06/20/2006 Flag

Have you tried ammonia? I know that it repels other animals.

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By susan 8 1,368 06/20/2006 Flag

Farmer's Coop around here has some type of crystals/granules that you can put down that snakes will not cross. It keeps them away for quite a long time. If you have a coop there, I'm sure they will know what the stuff is.

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By (Guest Post) 06/20/2006 Flag

Eeeww, gives me the creeps reading this! I'd have to move!! If you try the crystals/granules, sprinkle them around so that you leave them a way out if they won't cross them. You don't want to block them in! Good luck and I hope you find what works...let us know!

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By Coreen Hart 78 376 06/20/2006 Flag

Don't think I'm nuts, but why don't you enclose the bottom of the deck and raise a piglet or two in there. They think snakes are dessert!

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By angi G (Guest Post) 06/20/2006 Flag

Moth balls is exactly what you need. My sister in law used to have trouble with snakes under her house. She no longer does because thats what she puts under there. Sulpher is better for larger spaces like in the actual yard. Its hard to spread sulpher correctly and then get it wet under decking.

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By shirley (Guest Post) 06/21/2006 Flag

seen this at a freinds farm...loads of snakes just showed up, they had to hire a a snake turns out that it was a bad year for water and food for the snakes very dry, little rain..they might have showed up because of the water..

there might be something going on in your area that has the snakes coming so close to your house...maybe lack of food or water or maybe a large population of mice are around your house..

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By Taylor from Switzerland (Guest Post) 06/21/2006 Flag

If they aren't poisonous what's the problem? I was recently in the states and there was a problemn with rats in Lexington, Kentucky...snakes keep down the rodent population. What would you rather have?

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By Holly 367 1,264 06/21/2006 Flag

Ick! My sympathies!

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By Tom (Guest Post) 06/29/2006 Flag

I was relaxing on the front porch with my pet cockatiel (in cage) and noticed a large adult cottonmouth (dark phase) wrapped around a weaved basket with it's head raised 12-16 inches from my feet. It paid little notice to me but great attention to my feathered friend. I slowly moved away with no real movement from the snake, he really showed no aggression whatsoever, to a safer distance. I have 4 small children so after a positive identification I killed the snake. He had fangs, lots of venom, and was without a doubt a water moccasin, but I still didn't enjoy killing him because of his non-aggressive behavior. I did not want to sweep him into a trash can or try to transport him in any fashion. I thank God for His protection of me and my household. I have heard that there is a product called snake away (Home Depot) and also some have recommended moth balls at the side walls of our house.

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By kevin1. (Guest Post) 07/02/2006 Flag

early one morning my
daughter and I were slightly
digging in the backyard of
our new home,
she uncovered a very small
2inch coral snake that
quickly dissappeared.
what should I do?

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By julie 3 07/02/2006 Flag

When I lived on a farm, we used mothballs. It isn't eco-friendly, but it did work for us. We had a bad copperhead infestation, and those guys are aggressive! If you have black or king snakes, just let them hang out, they'll keep the others away.

If you can get someone who isn't afraid of snakes to do this...clean out from under your deck. Snakes LOVE dark, dry areas, that have lots of places to hide. Make sure there is nothing they can hide under. Plus, don't leave any cat/dog food out there, it attracts small animals like rodents that the snakes want to eat.

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By Gloria (Guest Post) 06/04/2007 Flag

Join the snake haters club, I got up this morning to guess what? Sprinkle snake-away around the yard and a snake crawled out from my deck and was headed towarded the crawl space under my house. I screamed as I nervously shook the mix in the space where it was crawling and the snake backed out and came towards my direction. I thought it was showing aggression but as I think about it now that was the spot where it was b-4 I bother it. I didn't stick around to decide. I got called my neighbors to get rid of it twice and every time they would show up it would be gone, f-a-s-t mover. My husband came home and spray diesel fuel around the house along with the moth balls. I wish it would come out one more time so that we could kill it b-4 it gets dark. I got on the internet and thinks it is a cottonmouth. So maybe it was coming after me. I won't sleep a wink tonight.

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By Gloria (Guest Post) 06/05/2007 Flag

Hi, it's me again. I guess the mothballs and diesel just baited the snake down for a little while, so guess who came out to play again today about the same exact time and place as the day b-4 on my deck. I called my neighbors again but this time WE GOT HER. I say it was a her because of its aggression. It didn't just want to get away but get whoever was bothering it. I Still get the willys when I think about it and I'm not comfortable on the deck right now. I HATE SNAKES! WE've made a decision to enclose the bottom of our deck so that there aren't any open spaces. Who knows just how long the snake has been there. Thanks to God no harm came to me or my love ones. I still believe that duraban will be your best buy for effectiveness.

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By emma (Guest Post) 05/10/2008 Flag

This morning I was sitting on my deck and when I came in for my second cup of coffee and started out again, upon opening the screen patio door, I noticed to my left a black with a shiny silver {about 3 feet long} snake slithering along the railing and down my four stairs from the deck to the ground and under my deck.

I called th Feed store and they suggested either sulfur or mothballs. I threw the mothballs I had { about 20 of them} under the deck but never did see the SNAKE come out or about. Oh boy what a beginning of my quiet moments on the deck!

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By KA (Guest Post) 08/01/2008 Flag

We have a business in NE Arizona and in the past month have had 3 Diamondback rattlers inside the building. We hired an expensive exterminator who put out Snake Away which did nothing. We're afraid to go to work or let customers in the building. It's pretty much freaking us out. We've been in business 22 years and have never seen a single snake until now. What's going on and how can we put an end to it?

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By JANE R. (Guest Post) 08/01/2008 Flag

Snakes eat birds and bird eggs. You don't need snakes to eat mice. Birds will do that. Hawaii does not have snakes. They have birds and mongoose for any rats near the wharfs.

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By Donna 9 41 02/25/2010 Flag

What part of the country is everyone from that are finding snakes in their yards, decks etc.

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By Kate Boddington 2 04/28/2011 Flag

Dear All

I'm looking for case studies to be featured in an Animal Planet show about infestations and we are looking for an interesting story about how someone has successfully dealt with a snake problem in their home.

Please do get in touch with me to let me know if you are interested in telling me about your snake encounters in and around your home and how the situation was resolved.

You can email me on: kate.boddington AT

Many thanks, Kate

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