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Can you freeze fresh tomatoes without blanching?

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Can you freeze fresh tomatoes without blanching?

Marie from Yorktown, Texas



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By Maxine03/09/2015

Peel... dice...use freezer bags. 1 cup in each bag. Then your ready for the Chili-Beans, Soup, Spaghetti or what ever you want to use them for.

By Guest (Guest Post)04/11/2007

I freeze the fresh picked garden tomatoes right off the vine. I wash them, dry them and freeze them individually on a cookie sheet, when frozen, place them in zip lock freezer bags. When your ready to use, just take them out of the freezer and place them under hot running water and the skins slide right off...Wonderful for soups.

By Connie (Guest Post)01/25/2007

Yes when i have them start to get to ripe to use i put in ziplock bag and put in freezer. when making stews, soups, chili i put them in as is and just the hot liquid will make the skins come off almost instantly. Then they cook up in the stew etc. No need to thaw. I have done this for years. Connie

By Mike01/25/2007

I spread them on a cookie sheet first so they aren't touching. When they are frozen I put them in freezer bags. This way you can take out just what you need.

By Mike (Guest Post)01/25/2007

When I freeze them I spread them on a cookie sheet first so they aren't touching. When they are frozen I put then in freezer bags. This way they don't freeze together and you can take out whatever you need.

By Joyce (Guest Post)01/24/2007

Yes, you can. Just wash them and pop them in freezer bags or containers. You can thaw them slightly and squish off the skins, or sometimes you can get the skins off while still frozen. The skins tend to get tough after frozen. If you are making sauce, you can put them through a coarse sieve to remove the skins and some of the seeds.

By Marie [1]01/23/2007

thank you for your response, I have already tried freezing in freezer bags just to see what will happen, now I will do the rest of them. thanks again

By (Guest Post)01/23/2007

Yes! Just wash and freeze in Freezer bags. The texture after thawing will be affected, but the thawed frozen tomatoes are great for sauces and such. We do this with our tomato harvest every year.

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