Other Uses for Shaving Cream


I was inspired to find a thrifty substitute for a very expensive cleaning paste I saw on TV, $20 for two tubs with two diamond fiber sponges. I used a $1.83 can of shaving foam (I recommend a scent free one) and half of a scrubby pad I bought at Dollar General (6 for $1). Spray a streak of foam on the oven door, scrub with the pad, then wipe with a damp cloth. I use it all my appliances, my front door, the light switches, even as a furniture cleaning foam.

By lilee2k from New Lisbon, WI


By Carol W. 6 92 04/12/2011

Shaving cream is good as an emergency fabric cleanser as well. I cleaned a car seat after a bad spill.

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By Marty Dick 163 955 04/15/2011

When I was working with pre schoolers we used el cheapo shaving foam to clean the tables on Fridays. It started as finger painting .... then of course, we had to wipe them all with paper towels. Great fun for the kids and the room was left clean and sweet smelling. I just sprayed a big blob of foam for each child to start creating then made the rounds with dampened paper towels. Sometimes I had to help a little with the final step but the kids loved it.

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Archive: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

My husband has some shaving cream in a can that he doesn't use. Instead of throwing it out what else can I do with it?

By JSKA980405 from Goshen, IN

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

Spread the foam onto your bathroom mirror, then wipe it off. Cleans the mirror plus helps prevent "fogging" when someone takes a shower, etc. (10/08/2009)

By grami948

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

Saving cream can also be spread on a formica table top for little ones to "finger paint" in the foam. My great nephew loves to do this. (10/08/2009)

By Dacula

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can be used to remove stains on carpet. Spray a small amount on stain, lightly rub it in; let dry and vacuum. (10/08/2009)

By gram p

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

Also can be used for spot cleaning white leather sneakers. (10/08/2009)


RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

You could finish off the can for your own shaving or donate it to a friend, neighbor or homeless shelter. (10/11/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

I use shaving cream to clean my bathroom mirrors as shaving cream keeps them from fogging up. I also use it to shave my legs. (10/11/2009)

By Kathryen

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

I have some at the kitchen sink. Washing hands very frequently dries them too much. The shaving cream as soap helps a lot! (10/12/2009)

By 2oma

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is also fantastic for cleaning soap scum off sinks and counters out of showers. Oh and the dish drainer! Not to mention good for shaving legs and other areas. (10/12/2009)

By Shosha

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

I found this at "Fave Crafts". Spray a layer of shaving cream on a plate and add a couple of drops of food coloring on the shaving cream. Use a knife or fork to drag the food coloring thru it(marblizing). Put cardstock or paper lightly on top and carefully lift off and let it dry. I've been making marblize cards for sometime now. No two are alike. (10/12/2009)

By castleberrycc

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

Have you ever noticed how similar the consistency of shaving cream is to styling mousse? I've never tried it, but it might work. If you like the smell, you can use it yourself. Otherwise, if the can is nearly full especially, please donate it to a needy friend or homeless shelter. When our finances were even more pinched than they currently are, a friend's generosity with shampoos and such helped immensely! (10/14/2009)

By JustPlainJo

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

Use shaving cream to clean mirrors. It will keep them from fogging up when you shower. (10/14/2009)

By auntmaudie

RE: Other Uses for Shaving Cream

This is great for Halloween! You can use it on the windows to make ghosts - outside gives you a great 3-D ghost! Just make sure these little white guys are not where the little ones or animals may be tempted to try tasting them!

When it dries, just a couple squirts of water will make it an easy clean up! (10/26/2009)

By Hobneffle