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Fleas In An Apartment


What can I do myself to kill fleas or mites in my apartment?

By DCDC from NJ


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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 08/28/2005 Flag

We have 5 cats right now and a whole lot of fleas in our house. I'm going to be giving my cats baths all week and pick up that spot on flea treatment from the vets when I get paid on August 1st, but I need remedies for getting rid of them in my apartment. All 5 cats are indoor/outdoor cats.

I have a 14 month old son and our floors are linoleum. We have 2 couches. I gave the cats a bath last night and now I am going to give them one every night from now on and comb them out until i can get to the vets next week. Our orange tiger cat has tons of fleas, then we have 2 pure black cats, one black calico cat, and one dark grey cat.

Any advice would be great. The fleas are driving me nuts!

Lynn(kitty lady)

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By Sheilah Link 5 328 12/20/2010 Flag

Set a light on the floor; it must have a regular bulb that produces heat. Fleas are attracted to the heat. In front of the light place a white or light colored shallow container--even an old dinner plate will work. In this container put a mixture of water and dish soap. The fleas are attracted by the heat and the light color of the container. While fleas are strong enough to break the surface tension of water, they cannot break the surface tension of the soapy water. It doesn't take much soap, but it needs to be mixed into the water. Suds on top is too much soap. Empty daily until there are no more fleas. I used this when fleas came in from the condo next door and it worked quite well.

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Archive: Fleas In An Apartment

I am in desperate need of any advice given to me in getting rid of fleas in apartment and on two cats.

Archive: Fleas In An Apartment

I just moved to an apartment that is completely infested with fleas. I originally had asked the landlord to flea bomb as a precaution before I moved in.

Archive: Fleas In An Apartment

If I use flea bombs to kill the fleas in my apartment will the fleas migrate over to the other apartments in my housing unit?

By Sherry from Danielson, CT


RE: Fleas In An Apartment

Call your landlord and tell him/her of the problem and ask them to hire someone to get rid of them. (09/17/2010)

By K9cats

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