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East Coast Vs West Coast Behavior Differences

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What is the difference between people from the East coast and people from the West coast?

cubangirl from Seattle



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By CGems04/13/2012

I found this article on a blog that gave a funny (and seemingly true) description of some differences between Midwestern Folks and East Coasters. Check it out here: ... he-east-coast-versus-in-the-midwest/

I laughed pretty hard when I read it :)

By Tapestry Lady [2]09/08/2011

I've lived all over the US and the UK too, and while there are regional differences in culture and attitudes you will find that people are people wherever you go. Some people will give you the shirt of their back and others will try to steal it from yours. Some people are very uptight and others are happy go lucky. If you make a judgement based on where someone is from you're likely to end up stereotyping them. Being from New York doesn't make someone a latte-sipping yuppie any more than being from California makes someone a surfer. Everyone is different!

By why?09/07/2011

People on the east coast, rarely laugh, are overly literal, extra serious, extremely stressed, into debating everything, and they are neurotic. I wouldn't be surprised if more people on the east coast have higher blood pressure levels than those from the west coast.

People on the west coast love themselves! They love to have fun, are fun loving and love to laugh.

I just wish I knew why east coast people are so intense and serious! I mean, I like them, but can't get with the extra stress and negativity they bring.

By why?09/07/2011

People on the east are more intense, straight forward, confrontational, political, culturally intuned, intellectual, negative, manipulative, sense of entitlement, competitive, jealous, angry, and insecure

where as

West coast people set trends, film movies, are laid back, confident, superficial, phony, indirect, backstabbers, generic, business oriented and secretly smart.


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Archive: East Coast Vs West Coast Behavior Differences

What is the difference between people from the east coast and people from the west coast?

cubangirl from Seattle

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