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Strawberry Plants Not Producing


I have grown a big beautiful, dark green strawberry plant, but only two berries have been produced. The two strawberries were healthy and a beautiful red and just died after being harvested. I just don't know why I didn't see any more berries? The plant itself is absolutely glorious, healthy and strong. But simply no berries. What's going on?

Hardiness Zone: 10a

By Linda from Tustin, CA


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By elcid 21 09/24/2010

You need to check the variety of plant you have there are plants that only give fruit once a year as well as varieties that are ever bearing such as a Quinalt

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By katrina 5 232 09/24/2010

You can always add mushroom compost; my favorite for using on plants. Gave some to my daughter and she raved about how great her strawberries were!

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By marion davidson 22 192 09/25/2010

I had the same problem this year, the first time I have tried to grow them in pots. I think the soil was too rich, being new, and this generally gives plenty of green growth but little fruit. I am hoping for a good crop next year in same soil.

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By Sandi 7 183 09/25/2010

Is it possible you over fed them? Also don't they need one full season when not much is produced?

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Archive: Strawberry Plants Not Producing

By Ellen Brown ***

*** Q: I purchased and planted a dozen strawberry plants for my 5-year-old son, thinking that he would have fun watching his favorite fruit grow. So far, none of them have produced any viable fruit. I've seen a few that started okay, but they always shrivel up and turn brown before they ripen. I keep them reasonably watered, and they're growing in raised beds. Can you help? Are strawberries temperature sensitive? Maybe the summer heat here in NM has prevented fruit production?


A: Lynn,

Strawberries are temperature sensitive, especially the ever-bearing types. Hot temps can adversely affect their yields. In hot climates, it's especially important to keep strawberry plants moist (although not saturated) because their roots are close to the top of the soil. Your plants could also be diseased. It's difficult to say without more information, but there are several types of fruit rot and fungal diseases that can occur just as the berries are about to ripen. Gray Mold (also called Ash Mold) will turn the fruit brown and mushy; Leather Rot turns fruits brown and leathery; and Black Spot seems to almost mummify the fruits. Thinning plants can increase air circulation around the plant's crowns to help prevent fungal disease, but in most cases, it's best just to replant with disease resistant cultivators, making sure you provide a sunny site with good air circulation and proper drainage.

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RE: Strawberry Plants Not Producing

Hi, sometimes strawberry plants, depending on the variety, will not produce until next year. Fertilize early, do not over water, the ever-bearing will continue all season. (08/07/2005)

By frezinsuzen

RE: Strawberry Plants Not Producing

There are 2 types of strawberry plants; June bearing and Everbearing. The June bearing only have berries in (around) June. The Everbearing have them all summer. Sometimes the second year will produce the more. (08/08/2005)

By Donna J.

RE: Strawberry Plants Not Producing

I have my strawberries in 2 hanging pots and the other 1 is in a long pot hooked to my deck. We have had over 100 degree temps and I have fruit. Maybe you planted them too late in the year. (08/09/2005)

By lynnadams

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