Weight Watchers Food Diary Sheets


Does anyone have a copy of the Weight Watcher food diaries from the 70s and 80s?
I would love one.

By Mary


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Question: Weight Watchers Food Diary Sheets of the 1980s

Does anyone have copies of the food diary sheets of the 80s? Or better yet, an old copy/instructions of the 1980s plan. I would be willing to pay for a copy. I loved that diet and it worked for me. I actually lost weight on it. Several years ago, I became paralyzed and have gained weight. Since I cannot exercise, I thought I would try the new WW point plan. It is too complicated for me. I saw this site and someone did have the sheets back in 2009 so thought I would ask and hopefully get an answer or a copy.

Marita K.

By Marita K

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I didn't do that plan but found this online:


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Archive: Weight Watchers Food Diary Sheets

Does anyone have the old Weight Watchers food diary sheets from the 80's?

By poppiesfabric from Orcas, WA

RE: Weight Watchers Food Diary Sheets

Yes, I do. I make copies on my copy machine when I need them. Let me know of a way to send you some. (06/24/2009)

By Mary C.

RE: Weight Watchers Food Diary Sheets

I made one using the exchange boxes. Lynnette (07/21/2009)

By Antienet

RE: Weight Watchers Food Diary Sheets

I would really love to get a copy or pdf of those food diary sheets for my mother. She does not like the new weight watchers, and prefers the one that worked so well for her when she was losing all the baby weight that my siblings and I left her with. I don't know anything about that program to make one for her, but I want everything to be available for her if she decides to try again. (08/16/2009)

By Elillicoi

Archive: Weight Watchers Food Diary Sheets

Does anyone have a copy of the 1980's Weight Watchers food diary? Thank you so much.

By Dana from OK

RE: Weight Watchers Food Diary Sheets

I always carried a little notebook with me to write down my points or my food diary. It worked for me when I did not have any of the food diary sheets. If you need to know the points or the food exchanges, just look at an old Weight Watchers cookbook for the diet and log the food guide onto the first page of your notebook. Also, small index cards work. (11/13/2009)

By pcheflm

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