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Smoke Odors from a House Fire on Clothing

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What can be used to remove smoke from clothing after house fire?

Brenda from Indiana


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By Jennifer10/28/2010

My sister just had a house fire a few days ago and a lady from the Red Cross was there and told her to wash the clothes with her regular laundry soap and 1 cup of Scope and line dry outside if possible. If line drying is not possible, wash them a second time with another cup of Scope, then dry and it should take the smell out. We haven't been able to try it yet so I can't say as to whether it works well or not.

By Renee Griswell [1]12/29/2006

A lady at my church had a house fire and said that Tide with Febreze helped save a lot of her clothing that would otherwise have been ruined because of the smoke smell. Maybe you could try that.
Renee in TN

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