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Ingredients in Crawler Caller

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Does anyone know anything about a product called, "Crawler Caller"? My friend has some he got a few years ago and it really works well. He can't get it anymore and would like some more. Do you know what it is made of?


Worm Bob

By Bob


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By John08/28/2010

Worm Bob,

Crawler Caller was originally created and sold from a company in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He sold the ingredient to a company out of Oregon a few years ago. That company now uses it for their own personal use and does not sell it to the public.

As for safety, I grew up with it for years, never noticed any effects. It is less than a 1/2 tablespoon mixed in with 55 gallons of water. You be the judge.


Glad to know you'll just use a shovel and it's better for our health as is ground thumping anyway ;-) Thanks for writing again and enjoy those Gone Fishin' days :-)

By Bob [1]04/22/2010

Hi Deeli,
Thanks for all your help. Think I will just stick with a shovel! I have found them under a plywood, but never enough to fish with. Need several dozen to fish with. Thanks again. Worm Bob


Hi Bob,
It was a '1994' article about a college student. It did not list all of the ingredients but the one it did mention is Xylene. I certainly wouldn't want it on my property or, even though fish are gutted before cooking, the chance that some of the Xylene got in to the system of the fish eating the worm! Perhaps that's why these worm catching products are no longer on the market? These types of chemicals are cumulative :-(

Here's the article:

And here's the information about Xylene (be sure to read health effects):

Besides the way I already mentioned of how I get worms, is to soak an area and place plywood or a thick layer of newspaper, etc over the spot and in the morning they'll be at the surface ;-)

By Bob [1]04/22/2010

Where did you read online what the ingredients was in crawler caller? I could not find anything. I appreciate your posting. Thanks


That company went out of business and probably for a good reason from what I just read online regarding ingredients used in it to pour on/in to the ground :-( Perhaps your friend could entice the worms to the surface the good old fashioned way such as water moisture and a bit of ground thumping ;-)

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