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Save Deadheaded Annuals for Next Year's Seeds

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If you have annual flowers that are blooming now, such as zinnias, Black Eyed Susan's, asters, four o'clocks, etc., they will bloom better and longer if you deadhead them every few days. Just take scissor and clip the blossoms that are starting to dry up. But don't throw those blossoms away. Toss them in a shallow open box, and let them dry thoroughly. Then rub them between your hands, and you will see that the spent blossoms are actually seeds for next year.

Then I just store them in a paper bag, and, in early spring, I broadcast them in flower beds, along the edge of the woods where we can't mow. You will have enough seed to furnish all your friends, and may never have to buy annual flower seeds again!

I sent a half a gallon Zip lock bag home with my daughter to cast out onto a piece of property that they plan to someday build on. And still had a gallon bag left for myself. I just mixed all the different varieties together, but you could keep them separate if you prefer. I just think the mixture looks good in a flower bed.

By Harlean from Hot Springs, Arkansas



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By Robyn Fed [388]05/20/2012

I did not know you could do that with Zinnias! Glad I read this! I do it all the tine with My morning Glories.

Great tip~!

By Pinky (Guest Post)08/08/2008

Great idea, I try to do this every year with my marigolds and my sun flowers. Can you please send me or post pictures of seeds from the blackeyes susie or any other seeds you have, with names, so I can know what to look for. I have some zinnias and not for sure about what the seeds look like. Thank you so much

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