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Non Acid Loving Plants

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Which plants do not like acidic soil? I add coffee grounds for my hydrangea, holly, and so forth. Are there plants that I need to avoid getting the extra acid near or on? Thanks.

Hardiness Zone: 5a

By Knickerbocker from Ann Arbor, MI


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By kathleen williams [23]09/02/2009

Coffee grounds are good for acid-loving plants, like tomatoes, roses, azaleas & blueberries, however, you can use coffee grounds on non-acid loving plants if you mix a tablespoon of garden lime into a five pound bag before you dig them into your garden or just put the grounds on the compost pile. "In the garden, mix at a rate of five pounds per three square feet. For composting, mix at a ratio of five pounds per three cubic feet of yard."

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