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Housebreaking a Three Year Old Dog


How do I convince my parents to get my dog housebroken? My dog is 3 years old and my parents think it will mess the house.

By jackrusselowner from Ireland


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By Knoodles 1 9 12/12/2009 Flag

Is the dog house broken already or not? Just because a dog is 3 years old doesn't mean it's automatically house trained. You need to teach a dog to go outside. Otherwise they'll just find a spot in the house that isn't near where they eat or sleep. Good luck!

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By jackrusselowner 2 3 12/12/2009 Flag

No it stays outside and I want it inside it's not housebroken yet

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By Pam 1 17 12/14/2009 Flag

Perhaps you should pick up some books on how to housebreak a dog. By three years old a dog is perfectly capable of being housebroken - you as the human just need to put in the time and work to teach them.

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12/15/2009 Flag

I am confused :-( Why do you need to convince your parents to housebreak 'your' dog? Please do some searching and reading because it's really not difficult for you to do and all you need to do is ask your parents to help maintain the schedule you and your dog choose at the times you're not home.

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By Ce 4 118 12/16/2009 Flag

I think the number one mistake some people make trying to housebreak their dog is not giving their pet his/her own doggie door. People forget the dog has to go just like humans. A dog does not want to do his business in the house but sometimes people don't give their fur babies any alternative. You must get rid of any urine or poop oder in the house or the dog will not stop going to his potty spot. A dog will go when he wakes up, after a nap, after he/she plays and before he goes to bed. They will wake up sometimes during the night to go potty just like people. Hope this helps.

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