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Cutting Seashells

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I would like suggestions on how to cut sea shells. I have some small conch shells I want to cut like coins. I have a craft project in mind for them. I have seen it already done in stores so I know it is possible. Thanks for any suggestions.

Taxicab from Raymond, WI



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By Joe (Guest Post)12/01/2007

Be extremely careful when cutting any kind of shell. It dosn't matter what type of shell, every one of them will produce micro shards of shell that, if inhaled will do damage to the lungs. If using a lapidary saw or grinding stone to cut or shape the shell be sure to do so with oil (for saw) or lots of water for the stone. Wear a face mask!

By (Guest Post)03/16/2006

Try looking on Martha Stewart's website. I know I saw a show on how to make flower petals with seashells and they were cutting them.

By Linda (Guest Post)03/15/2006

You need a lapidary saw.

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