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Can anyone tell me what the recipe is for making paper mache?

Amy from Fort Wayne, IN



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By lalala... 702 87 11/29/2007

I am looking for a good recipe for making paper mache using flour and water. I have tried a recipe on this site but it keeps burning to the bottom of the pan. Any tips or recipes would be appreciated. Thanks, Luna from Seattle


RE: Paper Mache Recipes

I haven't tried this myself, but I recently watched a program on HGTV where they used liquid starch for paper mache. It seemed much less messy than anything I've ever tried. (10/30/2005)

By Barbara

RE: Paper Mache Recipes

I use diluted white glue for my paper mache. I seems to work well. Stanlie (11/01/2005)

By Steamer

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By Sharon 9 116 11/29/2007

When I was in school we made paper mache maps. We used liquid starch and toren pieces paper into small piece. When my Daughter was married I made a hot air balloon with strips of newspaper dipped in starch and pur it around a balloon. They both worked well. Make sur the paper is well soaked. You might try smaal amounts. Use full stength. Let each layer dry thourghly before adding the next one.

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By Lily 11 141 12/04/2007

Ive always used plain old flour and water, mixed up to a soupy consistancy. Its the cheapest ans simplest way to make the paper mache. Then you just tear strips of newspaper to dip in the bowl. I like to get large oval balloons and then make Pinatas out of them.

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 12/05/2007

I have used several different things. Diluted white glue is the easiest. Flour and water works okay, but sometimes it is floury when completed.

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By linda (Guest Post) 08/31/2008

I'm making a project and I am doing paper mache and I need to find out how to do it with liquid starch. Any answers will be appreciated.

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By gbk 45 368 03/01/2009

In scouts last year we made 2 paper Mache santa clauses and we used school glue and water to thin it to a soupy mix smeared our hands and 20 kids hands into it with strips of paper and stuck it on...letting it dry between coats. Worked great. As for the flour if you have to cook it u must use cold water to mix the flour and water and on med. heat constantly stirring get it hot enough to thicken to the consistency you wish. Then you have to let it cool some so you or the kids don't get burned..

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