50th Anniversary Centerpiece Ideas

50th Anniversary Centerpiece

A celebration is in order for a marriage that is this long lived, but it doesn't have to be expensive. This guide contains 50th anniversary centerpiece ideas.



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Question: 50th Anniversary Centerpiece Ideas

I am planning a 50th wedding anniversary for parents. Money is tight for everyone so we decided to have a family get together at a restaurant. My parents think that my brother is taking them out to eat and well the rest of us will already be there. I want to make a nice centerpiece for the table but am on budget so to speak. Does anyone have any good ideas for me?

By Jenwoodard from Columbus, GA

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By kathleen williams [76] 03/29/2009

You can make a wish tree that you can paint gold and fill the branches with pictures of the couple, their family and friends, and event in their lives that they cherished. You can add theater tickets, gift certificates, etc. to make it truly special. Any personal gifts given to a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary is a nice addition to their years spent together. Good luck.

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By Debbie Jennings [3] 03/31/2009

Jenn, my SIL made a centerpiece for their mom and dad's 50th anniversary. She bought a pretty basket and painted it gold. Then since roses are Mom's favorite flower, she put yellow roses in it and some greenery. She got some white filler flowers and sprayed them gold also and put a pretty bow on the handle of the basket. It was beautiful. She also made them a traditional wedding cake. They didn't have one at their wedding.

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