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Preventing Litter Box Odors

Having a well trained house cat makes for a pleasant home, as long as long as the cat box is odorless. This guide is about preventing litter box odors.

Cat in Litter Box
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December 7, 2009 Flag
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To keep cat litter fresh smelling, mix baby powder in with the litter.

Source: A friend

By atinap from Drummondville, QC

December 18, 2013 Flag
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Instead of buying expensive cat litter I use the cheapest clay litter but keep a jar of baking soda on the top of the litter box.Keep Your Litter Box Fresh

I use an empty air freshener container since it has vents in it (which can be used to sprinkle it) and fill it with baking soda, which I sprinkle into the box after each cleaning.

The baking soda left on top and sprinkled in the box helps keep it smelling fresher between cleanings while i am away at work!


August 2, 2007 Flag
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I was told by a pal, who works at a local discount store, that the product "Feline Pine Kitty Litter" is the best product to use if you have pets such as ferrets or cats. It cuts down on the odor more so than most like products.

By Terri H. from NV

December 28, 2010 Flag
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How do I eliminate cat odors? I clean kitty litter 2-3x a day, vacuum at least every other day, clean surfaces daily, and wash curtains, etc. weekly. I do use lemon grass oil to keep spiders away which scents the air, but doesn't always clean the air. How are scented candles like Febreze for cats?

By Sharon from Newark, CA

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December 30, 20100 found this helpful

Duh! I never knew you could use baking soda! I have been using Arm and Hammer litter powder for years! (It works great) I do agree scoopable litter is better and more economical.. The urine clumps and you can remove only what is used. When I have people over, they don't know I have a cat until he brushes up against them.

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January 1, 20110 found this helpful

Baking soda is great but also, I use Special Kitty that comes in the green box from Walmart. I've tried all the others and really nothing compares for the price. Also, try to keep enough kitty litter in the kitty box, at least 1/2 full.

I should mention I have two cats and never have an odor problem. :) Good luck!

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January 2, 20110 found this helpful

Thanks to all of you for the suggestions. They are very helpful.

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January 12, 20110 found this helpful

I would be careful about using perfumes, candles, or scented litters for a cat or cats. And be careful that the litter is not too powdery as the cat can breathe in the dust it causes when it uses the box & also some litter stick to the cats fur just from using box. I try not to use a litter that states too strongly language about controlling odors, etc because of this. Cats can have allergies too & I certainly wouldn't want to be breathing litter dust 2-3 times day. Anyway, that is my humble opinion.

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February 26, 2016 Flag
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What cat litter is the best to remove the cat urine smell?

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February 29, 20160 found this helpful

Boxiecat it is available online.

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March 1, 20160 found this helpful

I've started using 'stall pellets'.....they are wood chips compressed into pellets and have many different brand names. I get them at a farm/feed store, they may be elsewhere as well. They start out as pellets but as the kitty uses the litter box, the pellets break down from the moisture into fine sawdust. The odor control is amazing and the price is very low. These are not for pellet stoves, but made specifically for animals.

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August 2, 2016 Flag
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What can I use as an alternative to costly shop brought fresheners for my cat's litter tray?

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July 26, 2010 Flag

What is the best way to get rid of the smell from the cat litter box? I clean out the box at least twice a day and put new litter in. I even added baking soda to the litter, but it doesn't help. Is there anything else I can try besides buying a scented litter, which is too expensive?

By Linda from Brighton, MI

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July 29, 20100 found this helpful

Clumping litter yes, as everyone has mentioned. Brands are up to you, and to some extent, your cat. The urine of different cats will react and smell differently with different litters. So the brand that works for one may not be the best for someone else. My cats use either Arm and Hammer or Tidy Cat. It helps that they are not fussy so I can buy the one on sale. I also keep a Freshmatic on the shelf over the litter. And since my litter boxes are in the basement with a limited amount of air exchange, I keep a small air cleaner running on low speed nearby.

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January 13, 20110 found this helpful

I've tried many things over the years. I've tried the automatic boxes and I even tried one that was over $300.00. They didn't work because the feces when disturbed would cling to the rake the boxes use. What a mess! And of course the odors were terrible. I tried using a large storage bin with the sides cut high, but our large, older cat said it was too hard to get in and out. I tried the rug in front of the box trick but, I still had a mess to vacuum up. Finally I am in a happy place. I am lucky enough that I have a seldom used attached garage. I store things in it mostly. I installed a kitty door so the kitty's can come and go.

Now the litter box is no longer in my home. I set the box in a swimming pool and the litter that they kick out or sticks to their feet stays in the pool. I also use a hard clumping litter. It's best if it can't seep to the bottom of the box. I scoop 2x daily, more if I am able, and find a gift for me in their box.

I have discovered that if the feces or litter sit in the box, then the entire box is absorbing those odors, the odor is still there even when the clumps are removed. I take great care in scooping to not breakup the clumps. The little pieces that fall through the scooper screen add up and smell. I dump and deodorize, sanitize once a week. The stick on carbon filters work well.

I tried baking soda but never really saw an improvement things still would smell. I hope this helps, I understand not everyone has a room they can put the box in and install a kitty door, but it's and idea for those that can. The swim pool also helps a lot for those with the room.

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June 30, 20110 found this helpful

You can also add diatomaceous earth, to help with clumping. It's already in most litters.

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September 12, 20110 found this helpful

If the litter box is plastic, it might have absorbed some of the odor. I would replace it with a new one and see if that helps.

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June 23, 2011 Flag

We have a 3 year old indoor cat and were wondering what is the best dry cat food diet we could give her. We have been giving her bulk dry cat food from the grocery store. She seems to be OK with it, except that her litter box odor has gotten kinda of bad.

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September 11, 2011 Flag
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I have only 1 cat, but the odor from her litter box is very unpleasant. We scoop at least once a day or every other day, but the smell is still bad. I've tried several different kinds of litter and thought the last brand I bought (Arm and Hammer Double Duty) worked. It did for a little while, but it stills smells bad.

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June 23, 2011 Flag

I would like to know how to get rid of the smell from our cat litter box? I've tried all kinds of powders and different litters that are suppose to control the odor, but none have worked. Is there a special kind of litter out there that is proven to control both the urine and the poop odors?

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