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Is Peppermint Oil Harmful to Birds?

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I am thinking of using peppermint oil to rid an aviary of mice. Will it harm my birds?

By buckshot


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By Cyinda [214]02/17/2010

Pure Peppermint oil extrememly strong & I would bet that it would be harmful to birds. The best thing to rid any place of mice is a good mouser. A cat!

There are lots of good indoor-outdoor cats in shelters just waiting for a good home. Our whole neighborhood had a very nasty mole problem, but after we got our cat we have the only yard on the block without moles!

By kathleen williams [23]02/17/2010

Here are the benefits of some of the essential oils:

Ylang Ylang is relaxing. Eucalyptus aids with respiratory problems (Toxic to birds);
peppermint, rosemary and thyme are energizing,
lemon, tea tree oil* and cedarwood are purifying; ( Note to Bird Owners: *Tea Tree Essential has caused paralysis in birds when the dosage administered was too high. As safe doses have not been established, it's best not to use this essential oil around your birds. )
peppermint, rosemar and ginger clear your mind;
lemon helps you concentrate;
peppermint and spearmint helps with headaches.
Nutmeg, Patchouli (one of my favorites) and Ylang Ylang increase sensuality. (In addition to which, I love their smell) good luck.

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