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Getting Rid of Ants on the Patio

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Trouble with ants on your patio or yard? Just peel a cucumber and spread the peels around the deck or over the patio, you don't have to cover the whole area just scatter them. Fresh peelings every day and they should be gone in 2 to 3 days, depending on how bad they are. This is also very safe for pets.

By Hal Foster from Calgary Alberta


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By Heather Ross07/05/2007

Also Sol-U-Mel from Melaleuca works just spray it on ants and kinds of insects kills them, even box celdar bugs:)


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Question: Getting Rid of Ants on the Patio

I have ant hills on my brick patio. What is a safe way to get rid of them?

By Deb M


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By Louise B. [5]06/21/2012

Diatomaceous earth - I fear that is spelled wrong. It is a white powder sold under several brand names. It shreds the exoskeletons of ants, but is absolutely harmless to pets or children. Sprinkle it on the ant hills. Reapply after a rain. You have to keep at it.

If you don't mind using a pesticide, the Raid spray foam is a surefire way, and works immediately.

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