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LifeSavers Candy Man

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I am looking for pattern for a candyman made with Lifesavers.

By Kathi from Houston, TX


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By bec919611/27/2013

I still have the candy man I made with my Mom from the early 70's. The only difference on mine from what I've been reading is that mine is Santa. My man has a white felt circle with a smaller felt red circle on top of that for Santa's hat and a cotton ball that was pulled long to make the beard (held in place by hot glue).

I bought the supplies to make this with my daughter and other friend's kids to continue the tradition.

By Tamyra09/12/2010

Help! Hello, I saw a post that you know how to make these? I have remembered these for ever! But, have had no clue how to make them. My hubby didn't know how mad I would be when I had the last one and it melted, 12 years ago and he tossed it! I would so love to make these with my kids, please help. Any pictures would be great too!

By Courtenay12/17/2009

I make them every Christmas! If you have any questions feel free to ask me! My e-mail is coorslp AT


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Archive: LifeSavers Candy Man

I am looking for directions on how to make a lifesaver candy person. My grandma made these in the 1960's for us grand kids for Christmas. I remember a Styrofoam head, a roll of lifesavers for the body, and yarn for the arms and legs. Does anyone know how to do this?

Deb from MI

RE: LifeSavers Candy Man

We used to make these when I was a kid. We took about 10 strands of yarn or so (about 6 inches long) and tied them together at each end, leaving it fringed to serve as hands. We also tied them in the middle. Make another bundle for the legs a little bit longer than the arms. Hot glue these to the top and bottom of life savers roll. Then glue the Styrofoam ball on top of the arms. I think the head was decorated with yarn hair and sequins for eyes. (11/23/2004)

By Debbie

RE: LifeSavers Candy Man

The lifesavers candy man my kids' grandmother made threaded yarn through the center holes. Separate enough yarn and tie off to make two arms and two legs. You have to poke a hole in the top and bottom of the lifesaver package, so encourage the kids to eat up since the candy will become sticky and unpalatable if left too long. The yarn was kept together for the arms and legs by tying small pieces of yarn around the longer strands to form the shape. (11/25/2004)

By Lynn

RE: LifeSavers Candy Man

I found your post while also looking for a pattern for a Lifesaver Candy man. Fortunately for me, my mom still had one that I had made when I was little. Here's what you do:

1) Take 12-28 strands (depending on the thickness and your preference) of yarn about 6" long, and tie them about 1/2" from the end on both sides to make hands. Then do the same to make the feet.

2) Using a 1 1/2" Styrofoam ball for the head, use a needle to thread a doubled over 24" strand of yarn through the center of the head. Making sure to leave a 2" loop on one side, and the remaining loose strands on the other. Tie a knot between the loop and the head.

3) Place 6-10 strands of 2"-4" yarn for hair between the knot and head. Pull loose strands from knot on opposite side of the head to hold the hair in place.

4) Tie the arms onto the loose ends of the head. Then place a roll of lifesavers on the loose threads, and tie the legs to the end of the loose threads beneath the lifesavers.

If you want to reuse your Candy man from year to year, you can tie the extra length off at your feet, otherwise, cut them off.

If you are going to eat the candy, you should do it within a month or so, the candy will get gooey as it is exposed to the moisture in the air. (It shouldn't be saved from year to year with the candy on it.)

I hope this helps, and you are able to build your Lifesaver Candy men. I have a scan of the one we did, but I don't see anywhere to post it.

Good Luck. (12/10/2004)

By Candy Lover in WI

RE: LifeSavers Candy Man

I used to make these as a child for Bazaars. We used large packages of Lifesavers, Styrofoam balls for the head, red and green yarn, sequins, push pins, googly eyes, cardboard, and tin foil.

We made the body using the Lifesaver. Took a long needle and pulled yarn through it. We took a 3 inch piece of cardboard and wrapped the yarn around it 10 times and then removed it from the cardboard and tied a knot into the center of it. We then took and cut the ends of the yarn to give it a tassel or fringey looking end and then tied it to both the top and bottom of the lifesaver to be used as arms and legs.

For the head we took a Styrofoam ball and pulled the yarn through it, to connect it to the body and then took a little one by one piece of square cardboard wrapped in tinfoil and pulled the yarn through it and then tied a knot in the yarn and made what resembled a tassel coming off the hat. For eyes we used googly eyes which we glued on, and we used sequins for a nose and mouth and used small push pins to attach them. Hope it helps! :) (11/29/2006)

By Maggie

RE: LifeSavers Candy Man

I have been looking for this pattern for about five years. My mom and I made them in the early 70's and I couldn't remember how! I was beginning to think I had hallucinated them! Thank you for reminding me of these fun things. I am going to make them this year with my nieces and nephews. Hooray for lifesaver people! (12/01/2006)

By retrokaren

RE: LifeSavers Candy Man

There are pretty good step by step directions including pictures at:

Good luck (08/10/2008)

By Annette

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