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Every girl at my school shaves their legs and I'm not allowed to! I've asked my mom, tried to make a deal, even asked my dad! I have alot of hair on my legs! Is there a way to keep the hair from growing on my legs or to get rid of the hair without shaving or waxing?



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By SL Edens 1 395 08/12/2005

Hi Ana! You don't say how old you are. Perhaps your mother thinks you're too young. There are hair removal products that are neither shaving or waxing but I think you would still need your mother's approval. If you're 14 or 15, I hope your mother will think hard about her decision. However, please respect your parents enough to abide by their rules. Just because "everyone else does it" is never a good reason to do anything. God bless you, Ana!

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By Jenna (Guest Post) 08/12/2005

Get a bottle of Veet from any drugstore or Wal-Mart. You spray it on, wait 5 mins, then rinse or scrub it off. It does work, but shaving would be more for the environment.

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By Christina 1 08/12/2005

Nair should do the trick.

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By Holly 367 1,264 08/12/2005

You can pull it out with an Epilady machine (or just an "Epi" something in the title.

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By Barb (Guest Post) 08/13/2005

Dear Young Lady-Have a talk with Mom and Dad-If you really have a lot of hair it is time to start doing "something" but they need to be involved-Not sure of their concerns but you may need to enlist a trusted friend if they still decline. Be sure you're respectful and listen to their concerns. Shaving, etc. is not sinful, etc. it is just good grooming. Best to you

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By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post) 08/13/2005

Suave makes a "shave minimizing" lotion called "Smooth Legs". If you use it daily for 4 weeks, it makes the hair softer and finer.

Your mother might agree to something like this since it's not shaving, waxing or even using Nair.

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By Lynne 2 42 08/13/2005

I think some clearer communication between you and your parents is needed here. It won't be easy, but if you can sit down with them and talk about the topic CALMLY and WITHOUT DEFENSIVENESS, it would help greatly.

Try to find out exactly what it is that they object to. Is it the process of shaving (or waxing) itself that they object to? If so, ask why. Are they afraid you will cut or burn yourself?

Or perhaps they object to the idea of changing your body just to fit the fashion?

Or maybe they feel that they would be losing their "baby" by facing the fact that you are old enough to start developing body hair?

One of the most helpful suggestions I can give you about better communication, is to paraphrase what the other person is saying. Don't just parrot the exact words back to them. Instead, restate their point of view in different words, or maybe ask questions about what they just said. In this way, they will feel as if you have really heard them and are thinking about and understand their viewpoint. Doing this can prevent a lot of defensiveness that comes from you just arguing your point, and them arguing theirs. Neither side feels listened to. And as a parent myself, I know that I am not willing to discuss an issue unless my child acts responsibly enough to listen to me also.

Please don't go against your parents' wishes. But by truly understanding the WHYs of their decision, perhaps you can present counterarguments to convince them to change their mind. And I agree with Barb that after you talk with your parents and understand their decision, if they still say no, perhaps you could talk it over with another adult and have him/her be your advocate.

Best wishes!

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By Carrie 2 351 08/19/2005

When we lived in the Raj, and didn't have razors, we used emory boards--nail files. Of course, today you may purchase permanent emory boards that are very cool, from http://www.CheriShop.com . Check it out.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 01/23/2006

Just shave your legs and don't mention it to your parents. It's not a sin and it's your body. They likely won't notice and you will feel better. It's not like you're drinking, taking drugs or having sex. You just care about good grooming. Good luck! Try an electric razor to avoid cutting yourself. But you're not likely to get cut that easily anymore. The new disposable Bic razors are very safe. Do use care though!

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By Vicka (Guest Post) 01/24/2006

Some good suggestions, but your Mom WILL notice. If you want to resolve the problem, stick with communicating and get her approval. She might think you are still a little young and it's hard to watch kids growup. You may face issues with your own children someday. Earning trust is so important for your upcoming teen-hood. Talk to Mom. Show her your questions and the responses. And hang in there.

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By CRYSTAL (Guest Post) 03/01/2006

Iam 10 and turning 11 in march My mother Thinks I am too young to shave.I think every girl has a right to shave. I am always wearing pants because of my hairy legs. I am very pretty And I want to start wearing skirts to school .I know every girl out thier wants to shave thier legs I am always sitting down with her and Talking but nothing happens.All I want is to fit in With all of the girls at school and put on a skirt

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By Melanie (Guest Post) 05/09/2006

I really think I need to shave my legs. My mom said it's fine, and bought disposable razors, but I'm SCARED! I'm twelve years old and I can't ask any adults or friends how to shave, so I was wondering if you could help me. I'm dead scared of getting cut, or making it look horrible.

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By shell (Guest Post) 06/05/2006

hi, this isnt really about hair removal without shaving, but im just desperate for advice, well when i first asked my mom if i could shave, she said sure go ahead but just dont shave the top part (like thighs) and so i didnt, but when your wearing shorts you can see your thighs and mine are really hairy! why arent u supposed to shave your thighs, and how can u get rid of the hair! please help.

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By navdeep (Guest Post) 06/16/2006

u know what i am 11 and i have the hairest legs anyone's ever seen and i always get teased because of my kapris i wear an the hair show but guess what this what people say to me even my dad has that much hair on his leg ouch right but this what i do i take soup and scrub 4-5 times then wash it then use a towl and scrub the water right off really hard it works al though i still wish she would let me shave

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By taryn 1 2 09/04/2006

my parents did the same thing but i went behind their backs and did it anyway. but shaving is not really the best way to do it and if your desperate wax. it dont grow back over night and is no were near as painful (though it isnt exactly a walk in the park the first time) probably something better for your age is to try something called a silky mit thats like sandpaper but not as abrasive. your legs wont feel as course as when you shave and the hair wont grow back as soon or be as dark and thick. Its even pain free!!! good luck with it

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By KELC (Guest Post) 03/18/2007

there are different products that you just leave on your leg then rinse off with out shaving or waxing

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By Hayley (Guest Post) 01/01/2008

I am in 6th grade and have been shaving for about 8months. I started in 5th grade. But I feel your pain. I had the hairiest legs ever, when i was in 4th grade so i had to wait almost a year!
How i got my mom to cave was this, find out the names of all the people your age who shave and tell your mom. the more people the more likely. But DO NOT PUSH TO HARD. your mom will think ur immature and you'll b hairy 4 the rest of ur life! If that doesn't help rub a shaving gel on your legs while in the shower, then rub with a coarse loofah! it works pretty well.

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By Annie 2 10 02/19/2008

I see a lot of comments about Veet or Nair....I used to use them both in High School. They both work great but be careful when using them. Follow the directions before applying them to your skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin like me!! I didn't actually start shaving with a razor until my freshmen year of High School. I kept cutting my legs though. If you have this problem, try using lotion or conditioner. I've recently started shaving my legs with shower gel and I haven't cut myself sense.

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By Becca (Guest Post) 07/05/2008

I have the same problem, most of my friends do it and their mums just bought them razors and said they are for your legs. I asked my mum and she said no. I am going on holiday and really do not want to were the clothes I have got because my legs are to hairy. I just scrubbed my legs really hard with soap and wash of with a loofa it kinda works. I am thinking of bringing the subject back up again. Maybe I could use veet this time. Just keep asking and you will hopefully get somewhere. God bless, Becca

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By Stacey 1 22 10/11/2010

My little sister seems to have this problem. She's 9. She had to start shaving her legs last week because her leg hair was rubbing against her sheets and keeping her awake at night and hurting. I would hope that any mom would allow even a young girl to shave their legs if they *thought* it was causing them pain. I know my sister isn't lying about the hair bothering her. Painful leg hair is a real thing. I don't have super hairy legs like my little sister, but I have to wax or the stubble starts rubbing on my sheets or pants and it causes irritation and mild pain. I'm 27, though. Waxing is probably not for the very young or the faint of heart. I don't think I started shaving until I was 16, round about. My hairs always been really light and it didn't matter much.
Try bleaching it.

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By help??maybe?? 1 1 08/16/2013

Ok so you maybe over this but what you can do is:
1) wash and scrub your legs hard enough to soften leg hair
2) put conditioner on your legs for about 5 minutes to soften
3) rinse it off and scrub again some should come off not all
4) if you have any kind off hair removal cream use it
5) if not repeat 1-3 again and every time your hair darts to grow back

Hope it helps :) It works for me.

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