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Homemade Wringer for Hand Washing Clothes


I am looking for a homemade DIY wringer/roller for washing clothes.

Lynda from TX



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By Lynda (Guest Post) 09/26/2006 Flag

I said this wrong. I am looking for the PLANS/SUGGESTIONS for a homemade wringer/roller for washed clothes that I cannot wring out well. I have extrememely strong arms, but a not so strong
back or temperament with such things as heavy manual labor. LOL However, I have always believed that where's there's a will, there's a way.
I'm praying that God will touch the heart of someone that knows how to make a hand cranked one easily, or have the plans in an old book or magazine that
someone might modify or make? I'm VERY mechanical and have several rolling pins that just MIGHT work with a crank like from an ice cream maker? I wonder..... hum-m-m-m LOL There are probably plans in the library (and even on the Internet should someone have the links?), but my car is not so reliable and I am VERY limited on gas money. : ( ~God bless you for putting your thinking cap on and helping out a surviving grandmother. : )

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By semoore (Guest Post) 11/05/2006 Flag

try survival unlimited they sell new ones about 95 dollars

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 11/06/2006 Flag

If I had an extra $95 I would indeed buy and prefer a new one. But, being mechanically inclined, and a
recycler, I thought someone MIGHT have run across
pioneer plans for one, although I remember stories
of how children used to get their hands/fingers caught in the manual ones of long ago before my time. I recently washed cement dust out of denim sucessfully, but could have used it many times for that alone, and would use it weekly if I could figure how to make one with "parts" that might become available. Stranger things have happened, you know.
lol God bless you for this tip . Should I get any extra money along the way or sell the large dollhouse I've worked on for so many years before Christmas this year, the best time of the year to try to sell it, but not having money to advertise it properly to do it justice, will be my only source that I can see so far. But, God is good and provides regardless! : )

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By Kitchengodess (Guest Post) 12/03/2006 Flag

You know Grandma Lynda, you probably have one of those wringer mop buckets out in the garage or you know a school janitor who could give you his old one. You could clean and disinfect that puppy and use it to get the excess H20 out of Jimmy's jeans.

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By anna-maria 1 05/24/2011 Flag

Hi Lynda!

I am looking for exactly the same thing as you were 5 years ago.. lol
If you got some answers about making your own wringer, could you please let me know? I would really like to make mine either! I hope you'll be able to help me out!
Thank you! :)

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By Loporto07 1 04/23/2013 Flag

This might work:

1. Insert two long wooden dowels through two PVC pipes that are shorter in length than the dowels.
2. Attach both ends of the wooden dowels with flexible bungee cords and secure the whole thing to one side of 2 strong posts or trees or something.
3. Push the edge of a wet article of clothing between the two PVC pipes perhaps with a spatula.
4. Pull the rest of the wet article of clothing out from between the PVC pipes on the other side.

Let us know if this works!

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By Stephanie P. 1 04/12/2015 Flag

I bet one could be made with some rolling pins. Just put a couple screws through the handles to secure them together or tie together with bungies. Then just pull the clothes through.

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