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Best Shampoo for Bathing Dachshunds

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What shampoo should I use to bathe Dachshunds?

By shirls


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By Misty [4]07/13/2009

I had a Dachshund and I bathed him in baby shampoo or some type of baby wash; something mild. I had to really rinse him over and over and over even with that or he would dig and scratch and his skin would flake from being dry. The key was the rinsing. Hope this helps.

By carole [14]07/13/2009

I also have a dachshund. She scratches from dawn to dark about this time of year. On (this site) there are several homemade shampoos for dogs. I am looking forward to making some of these and trying them on her. Good luck

RE: Best Shampoo for Bathing Dachshunds

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