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Keeping Bugs Out of My Face

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The weather is going to get warmer and we'll be spending time up north which means you can't be outside without gnats and mosquitoes bothering and getting in your face. Any suggestions to keep them away from my face would be appreciated. Bug spray doesn't work.

grammamre from Charlotte, MI



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By Louise B. [6]03/18/2008

Use a repellant with Deet. Home remedies and repellants without it or in small concentration are a waste. Deep Woods Off is a good brand.

I live in northern Saskatchewan, and can testify to it's effectiveness.

By Sarah Leach [10]03/18/2008

I can't recall where I found this... but there's a note with the original that it works really well. I haven't had a chance yet to use it.

Mosquito Deterrent recipe

Put some water in a white dinner plate and add just a couple of drops of Lemon Fresh Joy dishwashing soap. Set the dish on a porch or patio. Not sure what attracts them, the lemon smell, the white color, or what, but mosquitoes flock to it, and drop dead, or fall into the water, or on the floor within about 10 feet. Works just super!

By Susan Ide03/18/2008

Don't use any shampoos, conditioners (such as Fructis), perfumes or colognes with a floral or fruity scent. They are attracted to the scent.

By Denise [6]03/18/2008

I make a cup of chamomile tea and then use the wet bag to dab on my face and ears where I don't want chemicals. Actually, I use this for all exposed skin and I find it works better than sprays.


By marie (Guest Post)03/17/2008

Avon Skin So Soft bath oil is a great bug repellent, & it smells much better!

By Grammamare (Guest Post)03/17/2008

Thank so much for all that responed thus far about my gnats question. I've tried the dryer sheets, and used the bughat, but I shall the others and see what works best. I appreciate all the help as the gnats are bad upnorth and I love to be outside when the weather is nice, which should be any time now, right?

By Kim Churchman [3]03/17/2008

Make yourself a beekeeper's hat. There are meshes in your local fabric store that are thin and light so they won't bother your vision at all, and you will have zero bugs on your face. Cover the hat with enough extra on the sides to hang far enough down, trim into a round shape, then hem with ribbon and tie around your neck. Then button your shirt over that. You will look delightful and feel wonderful! God bless you, Kim

By Penny Custar [2]03/17/2008

dryer sheets! tie or pin some on you and the bugs scram...penny

By Ted (Guest Post)03/17/2008

Well as stupid as it sounds and as stupid as it looks a wide brimed hat with dangleing beads will work, someone sells them so try Googeling for a skeeter hat, there's like a dozen or more beads hanging but from what i've read they work.

By Lisa from Lena, WI. (Guest Post)03/17/2008

I learned recently that if you spray Listerine around your outdoor areas it will keep the bugs away. I guess I would try it in your mouth (as it was intended) to see if it would help. I heard that mosquitos are attracted to the CO2 that we exhale and that is how they find us in the first place.

By Doris [2]03/17/2008

I swear that I have been less bothered by mosquitos and gnats since I have been taking Vitamin B-12 (2000mg a day), and B-6 (200mg a day). Check it out. I didn't start using it as a repellant, it was a by product. Then I read that it was a repellant. Read about it. Try it. At the least, you'll have more energy to swat them!!

By Vickie Kibellus03/14/2008

Mix a small bit of lemon juice in a spray bottle of water and apply lightly to your face.

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