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Parade Float Ideas for Veterinary Clinic


I am looking for ideas for a small town parade float with the theme "Old Values New Ideas" for a veterinarian clinic.

By michael72501 from WY


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By Karen Lawson 11 63 06/30/2009 Flag

There are so many ideas you could go with! A building with a sign on it with animals in line to get in. Animals with bandages on different body parts. You could get together with the humane society and maybe promote adoption and/or spay/neutering programs. I would love to see pictures of whatever you go with! Good luck!

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By Sherri 10 551 06/30/2009 Flag

Hi Michael,
Great Idea! I have worked for a Large/Small animal practice for over 27 years. We would have an open house every year. But, for a float, I would suggest using live animals, a surgery table and of course have your Doctors on it also. Display all the services your hospital provides and maybe even offer a free rabies vaccine (new clients only) as rabies is one of the cheapest vaccines your hospital buys. Be in scrubs/lab coats. Pass out candy to the children. I would use any advertising you have from your vendors ie: for frontline, advantage and of course any foods you sell at your practice. Use all the "free stuff" that they give you and pass them out. Are you a full service hospital? Make poster boards that display any of the services you provide.
Decorate it in the colors of your practice and don't forget to put your hospital's mission statement on the float also. Good luck

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By Mary Ross 5 30 06/30/2009 Flag

For the old values, new ideas you might have some older animals that are up for adoption. Many people reject older animals as an option when looking for pets. If you have any geriatric patients, have them on board or walking around the float. If you have a behaviorist, show that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks.

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By Vivian P. 36 41 11/08/2011 Flag

"All I Want For Christmas is my two front teeth!" You could focus on the dental services and have big poster board depictions of cartoon animals flashing their whitey teeth.

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By ValNR 1 1 07/18/2011 Flag

I recently read an article on a website about adopting out retired K9 army dogs. We are thinking right now maybe incorporate them, plus other service animals (seizure dogs/cats, seeing eye dogs, search and rescue, canine good citizen) and decorating the float to look like a dog.

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