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Solo Cup Doll Lamp with Instructions

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Here is a Solo cup doll lamp or night light. This lamp is made with clear Solo drinking cups, a craft doll, and clear Christmas tree lights.

We wrote Madeline to ask her to post instructions for her Solo Cup Doll. She kindly sent in more pictures and instructions.


  • 25 clear Solo plastic drinking cups 9 oz size
    I used the short ones with the wide mouth (I believe they are punch cups), not the milky looking ones, but the clear ones.
  • a 15 inch craft doll (not Barbie, she won't work)
  • pipe cleaners or plastic coated twist ties
    You should be able to cut three or four pieces out of one pipe cleaner.
  • hot glue
  • material-fabric 1 yard will do, lace, ribbons, etc.
    You will need to decorate your doll.
  • a string of clear Christmas tree lights, 100 lights per string
  • a paper punch, a knife, and scissors


First Row

  1. The first row takes 12 cups. Poke a hole in bottom of cup, then cut a criss cross where you poked your hole. This is where you will insert your lights later on. Do this to all 12 cups.
  2. Punch a hole in the side of the cups, at the top rim.
  3. Join your first cup to the second cup at the rim with a piece of pipe cleaner. Twist very tightly then bend back into the cup.
  4. Punch a hole on the other side of second cup directly opposite of the other hole. (note) Do this around for the remaining cups.
  5. Hot glue the cups at the bottom rim as you go to help stabilize them. Set this row aside.

Second Row

  1. Second row takes 9 cups; do them the same as the first row, this row will sort of bend in, it is OK that is what you want it to do.
  2. Set second row on top of first row of cups, where the cups meet punch a hole and secure with pipe cleaner.
  3. Then hot glue where the first row comes in contact with second row.

Third Row

  1. Third row you will need 4 cups (note.) Now this is different. You need to secure each cup one at a time, until all cups are secured very tightly where it meets. This will draw each cup tight so it fits into the second row.
  2. Flip your ball over and hot glue each cup, at the top row.
  3. Take sting of lights, and start threading 4 lights per cup, starting at the top of the ball. If your string of lights has a connecter plug, you can plug in a small air fresher. Poke four lights per cup all around until you reach the bottom of the cups.
  4. Take the legs off the doll and hot glue the body piece at the hips in between the four top cups.
  5. Now dress the doll as you wish, starting with the top part of the doll.
    Measurements of the skirt is 50 inches around. The measurement from the top part of the skirt too the bottom is 12 inches.
  6. Now decorate your lamp as you want.

This is what the base of the inside of the doll looks like.

Cup base. Full view of the doll lamp completed. Close up of doll's face. Close up of dress detail. View of back of doll. View of back of doll in pink dress. Front view of doll in pink dress.

This is my second doll that I have made.

By Madeline from AL



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By Esther C. [1]05/26/2014

So neat. I crochet the air freshener dolls and wondering if I could do this to mine. Thanks for posting this great idea.

By jdelosh05/14/2008

How do I print this pattern?

By Patricia (Guest Post)02/21/2006

Beautiful doll lamps. My Mom used to make the solo cups with the lights into whole ball shape and hang them around the lanai in the evenings. I liked the plain clear lights but they were also pretty in multicolour.""""

By mom & daughter doll collector (inexpensive) (Guest Post)02/09/2006

i agree it's unique love to make one to. always looking for something diffrent. we only have one of each type of doll. would like to add this one.

By Stacey Silva [54]02/07/2006

those are absolutely beautiful!!

By Clare02/06/2006

Thanks for the instructions! :)Mom2fur

By Lisa [2]02/03/2006

Please share how to construct doll. It's lovely.

By Lisa/ Goodgreif40 (Guest Post)02/03/2006

Please share your way to construct doll lamp. It is beautiful.

By (Guest Post)02/03/2006

ok ladys , I will post them as soon as I can . They are quite long . and I just have them in my head.
I havent done anything like this before so bare with me ok . Thanks for all the compliments , Madeline

By Cindy Kosloski [3]02/03/2006

How cute, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would love to know how to make these, just found I am going to have my First Granddaughter ( first time being a Grandma),
Grandma would love to make her one,
if you are will to share, on how to make them,

Cindy ( first time Grandma, coming in May)

By Clare02/03/2006

This is wonderful! I'd also like to know how you did it!

By anita reynolds (Guest Post)02/03/2006

its wonderful could you share the directions on how to make it i am handicapped but think i could make this for both my grand daughters and one for myself you did a wonderful job on it i love it thanks

By Jackie02/02/2006

Hi Madeline,how very pretty.How did you do this and would you share your directions? Me and my daughters love to do crafts and one has a part time store that sells crafts.We are always trying new things.Thanksgiving & Christmas was so much fun.Thank you for sharing this with all of us at Thrifty

By Annie Rios Hill [14]02/02/2006

how pretty!

By Susan [4]02/02/2006

Hi, this is very pretty. Would you mind sharing directions on how to put the doll lamp together? This would be a nice gift for my grandaughters. Thankyou Susan

By (Guest Post)02/02/2006

Do youhave directions on how to put the lamp together. It's very pretty

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