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Banana Peel Disposal

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If left too long, banana peels product fruit flies. After taking the peel off the banana, I put it in the plastic sleeve my newspaper comes in and tie it in a knot. Works fine until trash pickup.

By Bill from St. Charles, MO



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By Malinda [4]02/27/2011

In the spring and summer, I dig a whole around my roses and lay the peel down and cover with dirt and water it in. The roses love this.

By Julia [147]02/25/2011

If you want them to decompose faster, run them through your blender, then add them to your garden or composting area.


By Babette [35]02/25/2011

Roses really love them and they repel aphids.

By Maile [49]02/25/2011

Got a garden? Toss those banana peels in there! The plants love the potassium! I always put a banana peel in my hanging ferns. Happy, happy!

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