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Uses for Pencil Stubs


What can I do with pencil stubs? These pencils have been used and sharpened by my 6 year old, until they are too short to write with them (under 2 inches long).



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By Donna Griffin 16 06/08/2009

Get one of those thick drinking straws that the pencils can fit in and put a few little pencils in them and leave enough room for an eraser to stick out of the top.Wrap a rubber band around the top under the eraser to hold it in place. Then wrap a rubber band around the part that you hold to keep the pencils from sliding out and give your fingers a nice grip too. Now you can keep using the pencils until they run out. Keep the little eraser nubs and put them on the top and use them until they run out also. Peace!

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By pam munro 523 790 07/17/2007

They used to have pencil holders that they would put on stubby pencils - maybe you can make up something like one with a cylinder left over from a ballpoint or something similar -

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By Sharon,Ky (Guest Post) 07/18/2007

If you're a crafty person who does Teacher's Wreaths or crafts,they are probably just the right length to use to help decorate it,also use crayons.I'll try to do one and show what I mean--later.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 07/19/2007

Sharon has the right idea. I have done picture frames, pencil cups, even magnetic photo frames using short pencils. You can alternated top to bottom for a different effect if you want. Use a good wood glue and sand both the side of the pencil that will be glued to the project and the item you are gluing to to make a "tooth" for the glue to hold best. I use plastic or wood items from my local dollar store for gluing the pencils on to. I even painted the center of an old clipboard with blackboard paint and framed it with a stubby pencil frame and added a picture wire on eye hooks for a hanging note board in my office. Ideas are actually endless. If you know a golfer, they prefer short pencils to fill out score cards.

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By susan 8 1,368 07/19/2007

I just tape the two eraser ends together (packing tape) and keep using them.

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By brigittes 11 10 07/19/2007

Thanks for the ideas. I would lve to see pictures of the craft ideas, if you have, I am looking out for a cylander that would fir, but I think the packing tape is a nice idea. I might even use different coloured electrical tapes to jazz it up.

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