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Winterizing Hibiscus

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I planted several hibiscus plants this spring outside. They are now over six feet in height. What is the best method to winterize them? Also how far back do I prune them in the spring without killing them?

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By Ron from Fort Worth, TX


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By Allison11/05/2010

My neighbor (in Chicago) just brings hers in and put it in a sunny spot and it does fine. I would make sure to spray it off so you're not brining in bugs, though.

By Robin Brady [4]11/05/2010

I am just south of you and also have some large tropical hibiscus. Trying to get the same information. I asked Neil Sperry and he said get them in the greenhouse soon but that he just replaces them every year. Mine are in a large rock planter and I will have to pot them before I move them to my pop-up greenhouse. I am trying to decide if I want to go to that much trouble. I also have some bougainvillea's that are six feet across and some beautiful Mandevilla vines. I think I will be digging all of them up and taking them to the greenhouse. The replacement cost almost pays for my greenhouse.

RE: Winterizing Hibiscus


Some Hibiscus are tropical, which means they can't survive freezing temperatures, but Perennial Hibiscus can. The tropical plants must be brought indoors over the winter. On the perennial plants, in the fall the leaves die and fall off. After they fall, I cut them down to 2 or 3 inches tall, just so I know where they are located. The following spring they come up again.

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