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Removing Contact Paper From Metal


Does anyone have a good way to remove contact paper from a metal surface? Thanks.

Sue from Blackstock, SC



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By pam (Guest Post) 04/29/2008 Flag

Have you tried GooGone? It works very well, just be sure to let it soak in for a few minutes before trying to remove...good luck!

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By falldowngobump 1 50 04/30/2008 Flag

Avon skin so soft will dissolve any type of glue, including the type you use to put down vinyl flooring.

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Archive: Removing Contact Paper From Metal Cabinets

I would like to know of a non toxic means of getting contact paper off of metal cabinets.

Jan from Lagrange Ohio


RE: Removing Contact Paper From Metal Cabinets

I haven't done this but this is how I would go about it.

Carefully lift the corner of the paper with a sharp pin - making sure you don't scratch the metal. Peel it off. If it comes off in pieces get as much off as you can. Any left firmly attached, prick all over the surface at a less than 45 degree angle, (so you don't scratch the metal), with the pin and gently lift the plastic coating. Use a proprietory brand sticky label remover to remove any residue on the metal and soak into the pin holes on the plastic. Leave for a while - ?30minutes - then have another go at the stuck on areas once the label remover has worked on the glue under the plastic coating. Repeat until all the sticky residue has gone and wash down with soapy water.

Not sure how toxic the sticky label remover would be -some of them smell pretty strong but maybe a citrus oil based one would be the least toxic.

By Jo Bodey

RE: Removing Contact Paper From Metal Cabinets

Have you tried WD 40, suppose to work on all sticky stuff. (01/08/2005)

By Sheila

RE: Removing Contact Paper From Metal Cabinets

Try using a hair dryer to soften the glue. Start with a corner and once you have that loose, just keep it good and warm and keep pulling it off. Don't get it too hot though or you could cause the paint to blister. Slb (01/09/2005)


RE: Removing Contact Paper From Metal Cabinets

I've had luck by using a hair dryer on the contact & scraping it off as it gets soft with a plastic scraper, like you use for plastering or putty knife. If there is residue left & the item can handle it, I've used nail polish remover, sparingly, to take it off. Some painted surfaces can't take the remover, so it takes extra elbow grease and soapy water for those. It takes some work & time but the contact can come off. If you are going to paint or recover with new afterward, you may want to sand a little after it is cleaned & dry. Hope this helps! (01/09/2005)

By jeannelee

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