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I would like to make recipe files for each of my three adult children for a gift. Because of bad wrists, writing all of these would be impossible. Is there a program or such that would let me print them from my computer to recipe card size? I would sure appreciate any help. I don't want to make a book.

Betty from Warrensburg, MO



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You don't say whether you want these recipes to be your own, or from another source; I know that the Food Network prints out recipes full sheet, or recipe-card size. I have printed out quite a few recipes from this source; they have a very good selection to choose from, so even if you plan to use your own recipes, but need some "fillers", then you could check this site out. www.foodnetwork.com
I don't have a program for my computer for recipes, but it seems to me that any reputable program for recipes would know that people use a card system, and would design their program accordingly. Hopefully, someone else will respond with the answer to this question.Good luck.

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By SueID (Guest Post) 11/06/2008

The Avery label website (avery [dot] com) has templates for notecards and postcards. Choose your size and type onto the format. You can purchase the notecards or postcards on thicker paper (recipe quality) at office supply stores.

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By DottieNM 3 26 11/06/2008

I don't have good luck running 3x5 recipe cards through my printer. So, I bought some card stock (not the really heavy stuff) and can print three cards per page, then cut them up.

If the recipe needs to be on the back also, it's a 2-page document, with a separate table on each page. I use a section break to keep the pages apart. I have to be careful when running the card stock through the printer for second time (to be sure the correct "back" prints on the correct front).

I use Microsoft Word; it's a single-column table with 3 rows. I could post the margins, etc., if you'reinterested.

The Microsft template site has some recipe card templates. I can't tell if they print more than one per page. With some of their graphics, it doesn't leave much room for words. I tried a couple of them, but didn't have good luck (probably just me).

Dottie in NM

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By Linda (Guest Post) 11/06/2008

Photocopy on to card stock.

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By (Guest Post) 11/07/2008


This was from ThriftyFun this past Tuesday under "easy computer Christmas gifts"

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By Chris (Guest Post) 11/07/2008

I use the website Alenkasprintables.com. It is easy to use and you can type in the recipes and then print them using card stock. This website has recipe cards with graphs on them which is nice. Good luck
Just a note: the website does have free recipe cards and ones you can purchase. I always use the free ones.

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By Betty 14 78 11/07/2008

I really want to thank all of you for the wonderful hints and suggestions for printing recipe cards. I am sorry I did not say that I am wanting to print my own childrens favorite recipes. Since I have received some very informative feedback, I am sure I can do what I had in mind. Betty

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 447 2,068 11/07/2008

I copy and paste recipes I find on line to a word doc. Then I save it.
When I am ready to print, I simply open the page and change the boring font, size and graphics to fit my own style! I make the size bigger, the font sassy, change from boring black to racing red, etc.
A lot of times, you can get more than one recipe on each page. Good luck!!

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