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Uses for Velveeta Boxes

Ideas for reusing Velveeta boxes. Post your ideas.

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By Jule Dragstrem02/27/2011

My daughter uses a Velveeta box for her drawing pens, pencils, and markers. I love the battery idea. I have so many ideas now.

By Lynne Fernandez (Guest Post)07/09/2007

does anyone remember a craft from the 60s using velveeta boxes to make fancy small doll carriages? I'd like the instructions to do with my granddaughter.

By bob (Guest Post)03/14/2005

They are perfect size for 3.5 inch diskettes.

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)03/03/2005

I use Velvetta boxes to store small game pieces together. My son uses them to store his Micro Machines (remember those?) and also to store a few Hot Wheels in the car for boring travel time. My daughter uses them for Polly Pocket pieces.

By Amanda Cope [3]03/03/2005

Organizing socks, undies, pencils, pens, and other things in drawers. If you work in daycare, they are the perfect size to store the numbers in a calendar kit. I have at least 8 sets of numbers and they line up perfectly. They work great for organizing art supplies too.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]03/03/2005

Instead of automatically purchasing plastic drawer dividers, try using the Velveeta cheese cardboard box bottom. It's heavy duty and lasts a long time. I use four of these in one drawer (along with a previously purchased plastic tray divider) and it fills the entire drawer nicely. I keep all sizes of batteries needed separated in these and I can tell at a glance when I need to get more batteries.

By Ronsan

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