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Stretching Shrunken Cotton Clothing

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young woman trying to button too tight jeans

Washing clothing in too hot water or drying on the wrong dryer setting can shrink your clothes. This is a guide about stretching shrunken cotton clothing.



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Question: Stretching Shrunken Cotton Clothing

I finally found a beanie that I really enjoy wearing. It's cotton and comfy and everyone really likes it on me. Problem is, when I washed it for the first time, I forgot it in the dryer. So now it's shrunken and I'm sad. :(

Advice on how to stretch it back out would be appreciated.

By Brandon from Phoenix, AZ


Most Recent Answer

By Judy = Oklahoma [60]10/06/2010

This happens to us quite often with hats & tshirts. I usually just get them wet again & stretch them out. You can also throw it in the wash again with whatever you are washing with fabric softene(the softener helps loosen it up)r, then when it comes out of the washer, stretch it out over an upside down milk jug, bucket, or something else that's the right size & let it dry.

Solutions: Stretching Shrunken Cotton Clothing

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