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Lanolin-Free Shampoo

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Do you know of any hair conditioners without lanolin or perfumes?

By Suedevine from Cucamonga, CA


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By emmamamie [3]05/30/2009

I use Cure Care Conditioner.You can get it from Sally Beauty Supply. It truly contains no fragrance or coloring, and it's silky smooth. Here is the website if you don't have a store near you:,default,pd.html

By Cyinda [214]05/27/2009

Be aware that just because something says "unscented" doesn't meant there's no scent added... sometimes they add a scent to make it smell unscented! (CRAZY? I know!)

Just Google "Fragrance Free hair care" Here's one company: ... /.f?gclid=CL7X_7qt3ZoCFRBbagodW3Np2Q

By SL Edens [1]05/27/2009

I used to use Neways hair products because they have no harmful ingredients. The only way to order is through an independent dealer. Perhaps you can find one in your area or become one :) Another thought is when I rinse my hair in vinegar and water, it leaves my hair very soft.

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