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Upholstering Metal Chairs


I need to reupholster my metal frame kitchen chairs. I'd like to add extra cushion to the seat and would like to add upholstery to the backs of the chairs. They currently have a metal frame back with an "X" shaped design in the middle.

How can I upholster the back so that it looks like it came that way and still provide the comfort I'm looking for. Also, do you have any info on what kind of paint I can use to paint them so it doesn't chip off?

L from Tucson, AZ



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By Liz 2 10/23/2008 Flag

As for the paint, Krylon makes a universal spray paint that would probably work well and comes in all kinds of great colors. For the seat, u can usually find squares of foam at walmart and wrap them in the fabric u are using and depending on how the seats are attached to the frame (if wood, just staple on), if metal or some other material, use a liquid nails kind of glue to attach the fabric. The backs may be tricky. If you could make some sort of slipcover to go over the backs and wrap the part u lean against around a thin pillow or piece of foam, that might work. Good luck

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