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Making a Jacket from Towels

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stack of towels

A jacket made from terry cloth can be handy after swimming or bathing. This guide is about making a jacket from towels.



Here are questions related to Making a Jacket from Towels.

Question: Jacket Made from Towels

Where can I find a pattern to make a jacket from towels? I had one as a teen and I haven't seen patterns around for them. These jackets are very comfortable and I would enjoy having one again.

By mikhan51


Most Recent Answer

By Alison08/31/2013

You will most likely have to find a pattern that is similar to the jacket you had years ago. If it is terrycloth material that the jacket was made out of, you can find it at a fabric store or if not in season, see if they can order some for you. If you are going to use towels, will need to figure out the yardage for the amount of towels you will need. Good luck with this endeavor.

Question: Pattern for Jacket Made from Towels

Many years ago when I was a child my grandmother had a jacket that was made from towels. It opened down the front and each side was a towel edge so there was no need to finish them off. I think the collar was pointed in the back. I know she must have had a pattern but I surely can't find one now. Does anybody have one or know where I may be able to locate one? It would be perfect to wear around the house on chilly days.

Judi from Elgin, Oregon


Most Recent Answer

By Emmy Embury P.12/23/2012

I have the pattern you are talking about. When I was growing up our neighbor gave my mother the pattern. She made us each one.

Question: Towel Jacket Pattern

Where can I get a pattern to make a towel jacket?

By Becky H.

Question: Pattern for Fringed Bath Towel Jacket

Some years ago I had a jacket made from bath towels with fringe. 3 towels were used. The elbow length sleeves had fringe and the neck down the back had fringe also. Would anyone have any input/knowledge of this?

By Frances

Solutions: Making a Jacket from Towels

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