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Well Water Tastes Bad

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I was wondering if anyone had a tip for well water that has a slightly bad taste to it? I know our water is very hard also. I am so tired of buying bottled water, but I don't know what else to do. Please help!

Blossom from VA



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By bevscott06/15/2013

Our well water has been great for 6 years. During the last few weeks it has gotten a very bitter taste that we hate. What could have gone wrong? The man who tested our well when we moved here said it was a very deep well and some of the best water around. It has rained a lot lately and was in drought condition before. Would that have anything to do with it? We are trying to sell our home, and need this cleared up as quickly as possible. I will call the County Extension agent Monday. Anything else I could do? Thanks!

By Gina Johnston [12]07/06/2008

Hey there all-- I wish I didn't know so much about this, I really do.

Ok, so here goes. You MUST test your water. Our water may have tasted like battery acid for all I know, because I didn't drink it. Fortunately. I won't go into what all just bathing in the stuff did to us. But after having people and animals get sick, and some animals die, we tested our water.

We found perchlorate, which is a component of rocket fuel.

We found excess fluoride, which is NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Anybody who still believes the governments #%%&&(*&%# about fluoride being good for your teeth ought to take a look at mine--or what's left of them.

We found horribly high nitrates. IF our well were a city water system, there would have been warnings issued and it would have been shut down.

You must be careful with well water. I always looked down my nose at "city water", but at the moment, it's safer than mine! If you are in any part of eastern Colorado--then there's a reason your water tastes, smells or just "seems" bad. It is.

I love this site. And I love to see people and animals live and thrive. Be very careful about that well water, it can be contaminated and most folks would never, never know. If you are in Colorado (or anywhere else for that matter) and you want more info, email me at toxicounty AT Be well, and be careful.

By Louise B. [4]07/06/2008

I also use a Pur filter on the tap. Brita makes the same type of thing. They are very handy. There are also other types of filters that connect to your tap; some sit on the counter and some fit underneath and filter all the water from the tap. If it is just drinking water that you are concerned about, I recommend this type that fits on the kitchen tap.

My friends who live in the country also have a system that they made themselves which used reverse osmosis to purify their water -- the same syster that is used to make the bottled water that you buy. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how to do this, except to say that it was not that expensive to install and my friend's husband did it all himself. It was quite pricy to have this system put in by a professional. Parts were purchased at local hardware stores. Perhaps you could do an online search and find out more about this, if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution than the filter on the tap.

By Lynda (Guest Post)07/03/2008

Having moved twenty two times, coast to coast, and Hawaii, I learned that water varies so much at each location. However, when that happens in THIS home, it is either "algae overgrowth" if skunky or, if rusty colored, there's likely a broken water line, and you should NOT drink rusty water. TV did a documentary about Lead poisoning, which showed the water to be rusty! Have it and yourselves checked out asap.

God bless and help you. : )

By Pamela O'Brien [1]07/03/2008

I have city water but it doesn't taste as good as the spring water I used to have before I moved here. I took the advice I read somewhere: put a few drops of lemon juice in a glass of water and it covers any bad taste. Then sometimes I put about half water and half orange juice. It tastes just like orange juice but I get the benefits of both. And it "stretches" the OJ.

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]07/02/2008

I use a Pur Filter on my faucet. It just hooks to the cold water faucet on my kitchen sink. It pushes up to the side when I am not using it...such as drawing water to wash dishes, etc. Then when I want water to cook with or to drink, I pull it down and it filters the water. As with the Britta filters, they are kind of expensive, I buy mine at Sam's Wholesale Club and they are about $40 for 4 filters.
(You can also buy them at Lowe's or Walmart,and the part that fits on your sink comes with one filter.) They have a gauge to show you when it is time to change them, and that will depend on how much you use them. I have to change filters about every 6-8 weeks, but as the other person said, it is cheaper than bottled water. I usually filter water into a large jug, and store in the fridge, so that I have a cold drink. I also use the filtered water to make ice cubes for our drinks.
You can also put a filter on your well at the tank. We have one there, too, so our drinking water is filtered twice. That filter is what is called a "whole house" filter, and it filters the water that goes into my washing machine. That filter is about $35.00, and we change it about 4 times a year, which also is a little expensive, but not nearly so expensive as the piped in water that we chose not to hook up to.
Harlean from Arkansas

RE: Well Water Tastes Bad

By (Guest Post)07/02/2008

I have the same problem. I fill milk jugs with water and let them set on the porch for a couple of days then put in the refrigerator. The water tastes fine then. I keep jugs on the porch all the time and just rotate the jugs.

By June (Guest Post)07/02/2008

Have your well tested by your county health department! It may need to be de-contaminated with clorox which worked for me. I always have the rust problem and am probably going to have to do this again myself. They will tell you how.

By Paula [14]07/01/2008

I bought a Brita water pitcher that has a filter. My water is very hard, full of rust, smells and tastes bad. The Brita pitcher really works....unfortunately, the filters are expensive to replace every three months or so. But, buying bottled water is much more expensive!

By Julie [49]07/01/2008

My mother in law years ago use to boil her well water that she drank and let cool then refrigerate and said it removed the bad taste. She seemed to only have the problem in the summer when it was hot and not much rain. Seems like she said it was sulfric then, not sure though if it works.

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