Pam Residue on a Cookie Sheet


Please help me remove baked Pam residue from a regular cookie sheet (NOT nonstick).

Susie Whorley from Chapel Hill, NC


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By Annie (Guest Post) 03/21/2006

Light pressure with an S.O.S. pad until it is removed.
Using parchment paper will avoid this problem and you also won't need the PAM either.

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By Robin (Guest Post) 03/21/2006

Try using SOS pads. They work!

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By Tamara 10 03/21/2006

SOS pad would definitely do it. Some metals will rust if you scratch them with metal (as used in SOS pads). If you're worried about scratching the pan, try one of the ScotchBrite sponges with the plastic "scrubber" side. Or try some baking soda with a cloth or sponge.

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By Trix (Guest Post) 03/21/2006

I had a similar problem with PAM on my non-stick muffin pans. I soak the pans overnight with dryer sheets (e.g. Bounce) covering the sticky spots. In the morning I was able to scrub off the residue with the dryer sheets with little effort.

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By Kelly 20 512 03/21/2006

Barkeepers's friend....all I can say!

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By Kathy 5 7 03/22/2006

Use regular Soft Soap and a sponge. Elbow grease may be necessary if it has been baked several times.
Also, if, and only if, the pan is stainless steel, spray the pan with oven cleaner, place in a trash bag, tie off, set in the sun for several hours, then rinse. Wash and dry.

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By Connie A. (Guest Post) 03/22/2006

Have you tried oven cleaner? I had one once that was really bad. It was either clean it or pitch it so I thought why not try the oven cleaner on it. Most of the grease and black came off. It certainly looked better. Take it outside to spray it so the over spray will not hurt anything else and the fumes will not be so bad out there either. Happy cleaning!

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By hvnlyhills (Guest Post) 03/23/2006

Mr Clean (or off brand) eraser! Takes off all that irritating sticking residue ...works well on glass baking pans, too ...

Good luck

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By Twisha (Guest Post) 09/09/2007

Does anyone besides me see the irony in using PAM as a non-stick coating... then fighting with what the PAM leaves behind, which is far harder to remove?

If soaking a pan with Bounce works on baked-on grease etc., what's it doing to your fabrics?

Mr. Clean Eraser didn't work, btw. I've just tried it. And that's the last time I buy PAM!

Consumer beware.

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By Carrie (Guest Post) 09/29/2007

I find that scrubbing with baking soda (with a regular sponge) works great. It's easy and quick and cheap!

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By Amy (Guest Post) 06/24/2008

The magic eraser didn't work for me either, but it did make me look under my sink for something else to try. the solution: De-Solv-it. It works on everything! Try it ;)

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By barrelgal (Guest Post) 12/08/2008

I used a product called Bon Ami on my non-stick cookie sheet. It is a powdered cleanser similar to Comet but it doesn't scratch. Sprinkle it on the damp surface and use a wet sponge with the non-scratch scrubber side. It wasn't that hard to remove. If I had cleaned it this way right after cooking it probably would have been even easier.

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By Jan 1 05/06/2015

After trying many ways to remove the spray and grease from my cookie sheet. I poured enough vinegar in the cookie sheet to cover the bottom and placed it in a 250° oven for 25 minutes. I scraped the cookie sheet with a spatula and it just come off the bottom in yellow sheets. With a little elbow grease the corners came clean and it looks new again.

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