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I would like to put all my kids school awards/certificates, school pictures, etc. in a photo album or scrapbook. Which would be more appropriate? I also want to be able to write notes maybe with a gold pen on each page about what was going on at the time the award was received. I can't decide if a photo album or scrapbook will be easier as I have no knowledge about scrapbooking. Your opinion will be appreciated.




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By JC (Guest Post) 04/18/2008

I'd think a scrapbook would be best.. you can get them with top loading page protectors and this way you can include all the awards and special papers.

There are oodles of sites that give you scrapbooking tips and offer free downloads. On some sites you can browse for hours to see others ideas. Remember NOTHING is wrong on your pages and journaling in your handwriting adds the personal touch. Start by searching for Scrapbooking. You will be surprised at all the sites and also at the free things available to download and add to your pages.

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By Kathy (Guest Post) 04/19/2008

I have "school books" for each of my kids. I used an 8x10 cute photo album and use those "page proctectors" that you find in an office supply store. I have found that most of the awards and certificates given at school come in an 8x10 format, so I just slip them in, one on each side. Then for pictures of teachers and zoo trips, etc,,, I use a colorful sheet of 8x10 construction paper or scrapbooking paper and glue the pics onto the paper and write about what was going on. Sometimes I buy the letters from the scrapbooking store and stick on "Zoo trip 2004" or whatever and then stick on the pictures. They love looking at their books! I put in a page for first day of school, field trips, award ceremonies, teachers, friends, and I slip in a couple of sheets of their homework papers or artwork. The page protectors work great!

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By (Guest Post) 04/23/2008

If you would like to do and is a little easier is buy a pack of plastic sheet protectors and put the award in it and then into a loose leaf folder . You can also past the award on a colored paper and decorate it and then put it in the loose leaf and then decorate the loose leaf cover

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By Karyn 31 125 04/23/2008

Here is a great idea for you regarding scrapbooking or a photo album. Take a digital scrapbooking class for free at the web site below. I took a number of online courses through HP and have learned a lot too.

Have fun and learn a new craft.


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By Angie Pitts (Guest Post) 04/30/2008

I have done this and I prefer a photo album that is plenty big enough, with the plastic envelope pages, either kind. That way if your child needs the paper some day, or wants to frame it, its easier to remove without damage. Also keeps it dust free and protects better. And I find it easier to add mementos, and such with these.

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By Lynne 6 37 06/21/2008

Do you have a scrapbook store near you? My guess is they have some kind of "classes" you can take firsthand and get some ideas on how to set the page for what you want to do - you can "scrapbook" photo albums just by adding embellishments -- it's all in the creativity you add that makes the page jump out and say what you want it to say. You can also contact a scrapbooking consultant from Close to My Heart, Stampin Up, Creative Memories, etc... and get some ideas from them too....

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