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Keeping Long Hair From Getting Tangled in the Vacuum


I have very long hair and it is falling more now after I had our daughter. It has become a problem when vacuuming. Does anyone have any ideas on how to manage getting the hair up off the floor without having to untangle it from the rollers every time I vacuum? Cutting my hair is not an option, although this heat wave is making me somewhat tempted to!

Tanu from NJ



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By suzanne 277 750 08/02/2006 Flag

try a swiffer carpet flick

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By Kelly 20 512 08/02/2006 Flag

Honestly, I went through the same thing after I weaned my son. I got so disgusted I put it in a poney tail and lopped it off. So it was like an A line (shorter in back than front) but because my older son scared me in the middle of it, I had to get it fixed at the salon RIGHT AWAY (which ended up costing less than 13 dollars because it was a trim and not a full haircut!) She was very understanding!

My hair still falls out, but the tangles are not nearly as bad!

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By Nicole (Guest Post) 08/03/2006 Flag

It's hard to prevent, but instead of unwinding it, I just slice it off with a utility knife! Works great.

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By glenda 3 13 08/03/2006 Flag

have you tried a snood,they are cheap enough to buy and keep your hair intact,they are ideal for long hair.

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By KLS8800 (Guest Post) 08/03/2006 Flag

Well, you could use some kind of hair net, I have seen some very pretty ones, not like the ones you see in food work places, but very attractive netting.

I do not know how long your hair is, but mine used to be down to my waist. I went to Fantastic Sams and donated 10 1/2 inches to Locks of Love to be used for kids whose hair has fallen out due to chemo, or other diseases in which hair loss occurs. That haircut was free! So, not only did I get a free haircut by a professional, I helped out some kids with health problems, too! With the heat indexes here (in NC) reaching 110 today, I am glad I do not have all that weight on my neck, shoulders, and down my back. AND...the hair will grow back. When my hair reaches my bum again, I'll do the same thing. Although I love long hair, I know I am doing a greater good. If I remember right, it doesn't matter if you are greying, but they are strict about chemicals (like relaxers, I think...). But if you cannot bear the thought of cutting that much off, do consider the fancy hair nets.

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By Holly 367 1,263 08/04/2006 Flag

We use needle nose pliers and scissors to remove long hair from the roller. Daughter and I have the same color (ok, mine's dyed) and length, so we don't know whom to blame!

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By Mary 12 195 08/05/2006 Flag

Oh this is so funny ... I have the same problem. I had no idea it was so common!! There is a new shampoo line for long hair that Pantene put out that really does help with the breakage - which is why your vacuum is picking up so much hair. It's called Restoratives ... not cheap, but when I started using it I noticed significantly less hair in the shower and in the brush almost right away. Also, make sure that you aren't brushing your hair or even messing with it, running your hands through it or pulling your ponytail in and out and such, anywhere but in the bathroom and that should help some with hair all over the house.

Other than to try that, I'm afraid there is little that can be done except to clean those darned rollers, but like the others here I would not bother trying to unwind it. Just run some scissors or a utility or razor knife across the roller (carefully!) and then the hair should just easily pull right off. An old comb reserved just for this purpose is helpful in pulling it off too (I have dust allergies and try to avoid touching it much)

I also finally donated some of my hair. 11" just went to Locks of Love and I'll be honest, it sure was a relief to get it off my head finally! It is still past my shoulders - enough to style nicely and enough to still pull up or back in this heat ... but not enough to tangle and pull out and drive me crazy anymore, and, hopefully a child also benefited from it.

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By (Guest Post) 08/05/2006 Flag

You hair will stop falling in 6 months, then will grow back.

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By suzanne (Guest Post) 11/18/2007 Flag

Use a thread un picker. Cheap and not dangerous to have!

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By thick hair (Guest Post) 11/23/2007 Flag

It's not hair falling out from having a baby, it's from having a house full of girls with long thick hair. When it's brushed it gets on the floor. When it's pulled up in a pony tail it falls on the floor. It's the every other time you vacuum you have to get the knife ou,t and cut the hair out of the roller.
I have seen shop vac type vacuum with large bottoms. That's the best suggestion I have.

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By Holly 367 1,263 11/24/2007 Flag

The roller on my vacuum has a small indentation which runs its length - so we run the scissors along this line. Sure helps when trying to get under the tightly wound hair on the roller.

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By long hair myself (Guest Post) 04/08/2008 Flag

I've had long hair most of my life. I use a broom to get most of the hair off the floor before I vacuum. The trick is to move the broom in circles like you would a scrub brush. It clumps the hair mostly on the end of the broom, where you can pull it off all at once.

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