Roaches Coming In Through Air Conditioner?


Here in Florida we have Palmetto bugs -- giant roaches. Does anyone know if bugs can get in through central air conditioners? Everything else seems to be sealed off, including roof vents.




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By Memere (Guest Post) 08/23/2005

I live in Louisiana and we also have the same bugs. They seem to be able to slip in with absolutely minimal space available, so I'm sure they can get in through an AC unit. Spray heavily around your unit (not into it). Be sure it is not about to rain. I would also spray inside and outside of all windows and doors. I've seen them slip under a door. They are hard to erradicate, so good luck.

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By Pat 1 43 08/24/2005

We use Boric Acid for this type of roach. We live in
eastern Ga were we get of these. Be sure to put it around the unit and not were the air flows. Make sure the air is off so it won't blow in your eyes or face. We also put it around the doors as these roaches can come in very small places and they can fly also. Triming bushes around your house will cut down on the roaches also.

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By Barbara L. Moore 7 08/24/2005

Yes or they could be coming up through shower/sink drains, around where your water lines come into the house, underneath a closed door, etc. We deal with them here in New Mexico also, mainly during Spring and Summer when we start watering our lawn outdoors more regularly. Their appearance is not a sign of unclean conditions like their smaller cousin (food roach), but an attraction to moist or humid conditions.

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By Carolina Mejia de Castro (Guest Post) 06/11/2008

May I put screen up?

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By Linda (Guest Post) 01/17/2009

Roaches that's pretty bad. I have a major health issue in my home from my husband and step son smoking in the garage (they are both heavy smokers) The smoke smell is coming I'm to the house through the room vents. So bad that if my 25 year old stepson comes home late (4:00am) and has a cigarette it wakes me up in my bedroom at the opposite side of the house.

They both say I am crazy and we argue about it all the time. They refuse to smoke outside when it is cold out. My son does not smoke and he says he can smell it too. I also worry about the second hand smoke and how it will affect our two parrots as their lungs are very efficient.
Can anyone tell me why and how this is getting into the vents?

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By DON 1 02/28/2010

Hello Linda,
I am in Hollywood Florida so I know of the Palmetto Bugs. Yes, these bugs can in fact get into your central ac system and air flow system. The central ac unit has a drain pipe for the water that your air conditioner creates. This pipe leads out side of your residence and is discharged. Roaches can gain access into your system through this pipe.

I have just discovered this problem with the colder weather this February. I believe that the bugs were seeking shelter from the cold weather and found this in the open pipe. Then being the explorers that they are followed this pipe into my house. I am putting a screen over this opening at the outside end of the pipe.

I am not sure how to proceed with removing the roaches that are now in my system. I am concerned about just using poison to kill the roaches. I do not want poison blowing on me when the ac unit is operating.
I do hope that this reply has been of some help. Please leave a message here and let me know. As I resolve this problem I will write again.

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