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Making Homemade Pot Scourer


Does anyone know of a way to make a pot scourer or scrubber that will last? I'm tired of buying reversible sponges that I have to throw away after a week. I have seen some instructions for making one out of nylon yarn, but I've misplaced them. Thank you in anticipation!

Virginia from Canberra, Australia



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By LeAnn (Guest Post) 09/10/2007

Once on a cleaning tv show they said to use a crumpled piece of aluminum foil if you didn't have any brillo pads. I don't have any ideas about ones that wouldn't scratch though.

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By SUZIN (Guest Post) 09/10/2007

You can use the nylon net type bags that onions, potatoes, etc come in from the grocery store. Just tie them together to make a ball. Also I have used stiff type nylon net cut in 1 1/2 inch strips to crochet a square pad that I use for scouring pans as well as to scrub vegetables.

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By tracey 16 102 09/11/2007

I don't have instructions for a scrub pad but to make your scrub pad last longer use a baking soda paste to get the stubborn baked on particles or grease off. Baking soda is abrasive enough to get stuff off without scratching or damaging.

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By (Guest Post) 09/11/2007

We used to make kitchen wash cloths out of old yarn. Just get a crochet pattern. You can use almost any kind of yarn, but I like the cotton yarn best for doing my dishes.

They can scrub anything and they rinse nicely and dry quickly because of the loose weave. No smelly sponge in your sink!!!

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By Dana 1 60 10/13/2007

Am writing in reference to the scrubbers. Go to either of these two sites and look under Kitchen Crochet or Kitchen Miscellaneous to find what you need:
Both are wonderful sites to find nearly anything you may be searching for IF you knit or crochet! Hope this helps.

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