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Cleaning Vegetable Oil Off Items

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How do I clean off dried, gunky vegetable oil off of plastics and wood.

Dave from Galloway, OH



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By Fran from CT (Guest Post)07/02/2007

Always remember Oil and Water do not mix. Put dishwashing liquid (Dawn works great) directly on a damp sponge and wash the item well. Then rinse.
I've used this method on anything greasy (hair included) and it works everytime.

By Babette [35]06/29/2007

I mixed up this concoction many years ago; we call it witch's brew. It is equal parts simple Green, Orange scented Pine-Sol and water it has to be Pine Sol no other pine cleaner works, it takes the gummy Ness off of any plastic surface, It cleans everything, it takes off soap scum feces (animal or human), Grease hand prints on walls, fabric furniture (the arm rest when they get real dirty, you may want to do a colorfast test but I have never had any problems) it pretty much works on everything, just don't use it on mirrors or glass. You can use any Pine Sol. the original smells a little swampy the Orange sent smells like tutti-frutti when mix was simple Green. Good luck and happy cleaning.

By Jazzylazzy (Guest Post)06/28/2007

Can you let the item soak in hot water with dishwashing liquid? If not, put a wet dishrag with dishwashing soap in it on top of the oil spot and let it soak for 30 minutes or so. If it still doesn't come off, use a slightly dampened brillo pad.

By bonnie (Guest Post)06/28/2007

i use simple green let it sit a while and walla its off. great stuff also a product called goo be gone is great for price stickers, oil, gum etc.. try these and sure it will work

By Fionar Booker06/28/2007

Hi Dave,
You didn't say whether the plastic and wood were kitchen utensils or stove parts, etc. If so, just put them in the dishwasher and run on hot. That will clean stove hood filter, cutting board, bowls, utensils, etc. Good luck

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