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Uses for Baby Wipes

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Useful ways to use baby wipes, other than their intended purpose. Post your ideas.


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By Angie (Guest Post)02/10/2009

I use wet wipes when I paint. Keep a package handy and if you get a spot on the carpet, ceiling, or baseboards, it's very quick and easy. They are great for wiping up your hands while you work. Now I don't paint a room without a package on hand!

By Dawn [1]06/19/2008

When I spill on my clothing i often use babywipes to clean it off


Baby wipes are great for taking off make-up. They clean really well, and don't dry out your skin. I also like to use them to freshen up on a hot day.

By perikeet (Guest Post)03/28/2007

I used one the other day to shine my black shoes and my mom couldn't tell the difference!

Also great for nipping stains in the bud - I got some paint on a brand new shirt and pants and 5 minutes later you couldn't tell anything had even happened.


By Ru (Guest Post)05/22/2006

I'm a big fan of baby wipes (and blue shop towels) for clean up. Dusting, wood, window sill yuckies, those unsightly dustbunnies along walls & in corners, and well... babies. Excellent for unmussing babyhair.

*Both saved the day this week after I smashed a bottle on the kitchen floor & needed to get up very fine shards of glass.

RE: Uses for Baby Wipes

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]02/09/2006

We have baby wipes in several spots in the house. They are very handy.....also this might be getting a bit personal as well....but if you don't have time for a shower and need to clean up in a hurry, wiping off with a baby wipe or two will do the trick! I've used on my kids as well as myself. They are also nice to use on a hot day to freshen up. I love the idea of using on the swiffer. I never thought of that or heard of it before! Now I must try! I can put my daughter to work as she loves to help Mommy! Those must be safer than the wet Swiffer wipes you buy because they have big warnings on the label about using around children & pets :-(

By Seaport (Guest Post)03/22/2005

Although our oldest child is 12, we still keep baby wipes in the car. If you have to change a tire or mess with the car, the baby wipes take care of your oily, greasy hands in a jiffy!

By Debbie03/21/2005

i use them on antique coffee table doesnt dry out wood or leave steaks

By Denise Sumpter Foy02/26/2005

Ok - kind of personal but I keep baby wipes under the sink in the bathroom for everyone to use if they need to get extra clean.

By Kay Johnson02/26/2005

Baby wipes are great for getting out stuff you spill on yourself so stains don't set. Last night I got some chocolate splatters on my wool sweater that I had just washed. A baby wipe blotted on the chocolate saved me from washing the sweater over again. They work great!

By Sheila (Guest Post)12/10/2004

I attach baby wipes to my swiffer broom and let the kids go no time my floors are clean and it is a safe alternative for the kids. Also works well on walls and hard to reach areas! I also use wipes for dusting my furniture and shining my faucets.

By Linne Dodds (Guest Post)11/19/2004

We keep them in the car too. Not just for cleanups. They are very useful if somebody gets hurt.
Mom got a bee sting once while on a road trip. I wiped it gently with a wipe & put ice on it from the soda I was drinking, a cold bottle or can would work just as well. The pain went away immediately,all she had was a Pimple for a couple of days.
& we always have them in the house. We have power outtages & of course with the recent hurricanes the wipes were heaven sent ,just as they are when someone is ill .
I just recently gave Mom one of the old plastic boxes from them for quilting supplies,she loves it.
On a related note,we also always keep Shop Towels[Heavy Blue Paper towels] they are very gentle & make great Ice holders for injuries among their many other uses. These are also good for wiping wounds . Just wet & wipe .

By Lou Ann Talbot [1]11/15/2004

I, too, keep baby wipes in the car. They work well for a quick cleaning of the dashboard or center console.I actually prefer them to the Armor All wipes as the baby wipes don't leave behind an oily residue which attracts dust and dirt.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/15/2004

Even now that my children are 10 and 7. I still find myself buying baby wipes. I keep them under my seat in my car for when we have fast food. They work so much better than the napkins the restaurants give you.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/15/2004

Sudden stain on your carpet? Keep baby wipes handy, they are great in a pinch and it doesn't set stains. Blot the stain, do not rub so as not to distort the carpet fibers. If needed use a few and step on them to help absorb stain. Great in a pinch until you can get the professionals in.

By Suezeecue

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