Using Fresh Grape Juice for Line and Wrinkles


I was reading that if you cut some grapes in half and gently crush onto your face where lines or wrinkles are its very good for them. Could anyone tell me what's in the grapes that would be good for mature skin? Apparently if used for a period of time it is supposed to help reduce them. You are supposed to leave it on for 30 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Many thanks.

By Helen from U.K


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By PENNY K 15 562 03/19/2010

Alpha hydroxy acid is in a lot of fruits and it will over time peel off layers of outer skin and make it look nicer. So will lactic acid. So you can use crushed fruit, or yoghurt or buttermilk. You might try getting a can of dry powdered buttermilk and mixing a teaspoon into your lotion [any] and put it on your face until it dries or for an hour or so a day, then rinse. Would probably stick better than grapes.

I have used face creams with AHA and lactic acid. Both work. Walgreens has an inexpensive type, around $5 on sale every now and then. You can tell they work because after about 3 weeks one day after you've washed your face you will notice all this dead skin rubbing off. Just rub off with towel.

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By helen 70 81 03/20/2010

Hi, many thanks for your reply to my question I will carry on with my experiment of putting the squashed grapes on one half on my face for a month will then let you know if I look 18 again! helen xx

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By Luann DeLuca 5 55 03/22/2010

Just a little thought to be aware of when using any type of fruits if making into a mask - fruits contain acid, and acid burns. Please do not leave crushed fruit or juices (esp. lemons, limes, oranges, citrus in general) on your face as an overnight mask. Citrus can start cooking meat, fish, etc. over a period of time when used as a marinade. So please be careful.

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